Pinnacle One Yonge: The Tallest Building in Canada Set to Break Records

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The new condo tower emerging from the Toronto Star lands, near Yonge Street might not catch your eye yet. This construction is set to become the tallest building in Canada soon. Pinnacle Developments flagship project, Pinnacle One Yonge is on track to house a 105 storeys that will redefine Toronto’s skyline permanently. Pinnacle One Yonge is being developed by pinnacle international.

Designed by Hariri Pontarini this expansive development has already introduced one tower to the cityscape and its second tower is rapidly taking shape.. This particular tower is poised to soar higher than any other structure ever built in Toronto or elsewhere in Canada.

Following a competition with Mizrahi Developments The One for approval of the building title Pinnacles SkyTower emerged victorious. The SkyTower secured a height increase, to 105 storeys in 2023 surpassing The Ones approved elevation of 91 stories granted that year. In 2024 Mizrahi was eventually removed from his project after it entered receivership just months prior.

The last part of 2023 endorses Krater Uskor sat at its height of 92 storeys, planting it on the top the Pinnacle One yonge while taking position on the second quarter of 2023, certainly drive the project to the world of architectural marvels as defines and redefines convention thought on a monthly basis.

Pinnacle One Yonge height

The SkyTower, appearing to be the first building to cross the 100-meter milestone ever in Canadian history will take a record for being the first and tallest building in Canada with the highest floors for residential apartment buildings. Reaching as high as a mere nine meters skimming 345 m tower joins the highest residential building spot on the map obliterating points of Chicago, Dubai and New York Act three.

Such facts are the revelation that the SkyTower enjoys the majority of the utterly freestanding structures in Ontario as well as Manitoba, surpassing even the profile of three guyed TV masts that occupy a similar position. Deference is that SkyTower takes not only the first but as well the second place in Ontario and Manitoba. It continues to solidify its architectural importance.


With access to the climate-sheltered PATH, Toronto’s downtown underground mall, One Yonge gives efficient transit to Union Station which Canadian’s most populated city, Toronto uses as the central transit Terminal, with 250,000 commuters daily. Upon its construction, One Yonge will serve to shape and mark the entrance of the emerging waterfront community, built with a focus on maximizing density per square footage of urban redevelopment.

Not only valuable by its monumental height, the SkyTower will be bringing close to 1000 new condominiums to the city. The architectural concept will be one of the strongest features in shaping Toronto’s skyline in the long run. Apart from the infusion of the residential spaces that are currently available, the aesthetics of the city undergo a radical change, thus signaling the seniority of the traditional architectural trends as in the modern, colorful and city life recognition.

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