Principal Secretary for Roads and Development Partners Meet to Discuss The 10.4B Kwa Jomvu-Mariakani Road Project Progress

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A meeting with Development Partners, the financiers of the regional Mombasa Port Access Road project, to discuss the status of the Kwa Jomvu-Mariakani Road Project, was recently held by the Eng. Joseph Mbugua, Principal Secretary for Roads.

The team of Development Partners, that was made up of members affiliated with the European Investment Bank (EIB) headed by Mr. Feller Julie, the German Development Bank (KfW), under the leadership of by Ostheroon Maltian, and also Mr. Stephen of the European Union-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (EU-AITF) met the implementation team of the State Department of Roads projects to talk about its status.

The project’s funding

The funding for the project’s funding was obtained by the Government of Kenya from the German Development Bank, the European Investment Bank, as well as the European Union-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund, towards the construction of the Lot 2- Kwa Jomvu-Mariakani, of Mombasa-Mariakani Highway Road(A109).

An aerial view of the Mombasa-Mariakani road.

Located in the country’s coastal region, the project is a component of the Mombasa –Nairobi (A8) Highway. The undertaking runs from the interchange at the Kwa Jomvu, flowing with alignment of the previously built road via Miritini, Mazeras as well as Mariakani, ending at the town’s weighbridge. 

How much will it cost to deliver the Kwa Jomvu-Mariakani Road Project?

The project comes at a cost of 10.4 billion Kenyan shillings. It will span a distance of 30.4 KM and is being executed by Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA). 

The Kwa Jomvu-Mariakani Road Project scope of work involves enhancement of capacity from the existing 2-way lane doubling to a dual carriageway 4-way lane. It will also include climbing and service lanes in urban parts.

Improvement of grade intersection along the Kwa Jomvu-Mariakani Road Project and the construction of facilities that are non-motorized, footbridges, better urban drainage system, parking facilities for trucks as well as weighbridges for controlling Axle-load are also included in the project’s scope of work.

China City Construction Group’s M/s The Third Engineering Bureau obtained the contract for the project in July 2023.  Construction work commenced immediately. 

Scheduled completion date for the Kwa Jomvu-Mariakani Road Project

The road project is expected to run for 30 months. Its construction works are scheduled to be concluded in January 2026.

M/s SAI Consulting Engineers along with the Ochieng’ Abuodha and Associates Limited, are the two Construction Supervision Consultant for the endeavor. It will also have a maintenance period of 60 months after it is completed.

Positives expected from the project

After construction works are concluded, accessibility as well as the connectivity between Kenya and other East as well as Central African countries will be improved by the road. Traveling time and the costs of operating vehicles will be reduced along the northern corridor.

Furthermore, regional trade and integration will also be improved since it will facilitate easier movement of people and goods.

The meeting was attended by the Eng. Luka Kimeli (Roads Secretary), Mongo Chimwaga (Secretary for Administration), and Eng. James Kungu (Chief Engineer, Roads). Additionally, Eng. Kung’u Ndung’u (Director General for KeNHA), Eng. Philemon Kandie (Director General for the Kenya Rural Roads Authority), Eng. Silas Kinoti (Director General for Kenya Urban Roads Authority), as well as Eng. Gilbert Arasa (Deputy Chief Engineer for Roads) were also in attendance.

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