Project to expand Kiambu Road in Kenya into a dual carriageway

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Plans for the implementation of the project to expand the Kiambu Road in Kenya are making heads way according to the Ministry of Roads and Transport.

Reportedly, Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) has already entered into an MOU with Sinohydro Corporation Limited, China for the execution of the project. The project’s feasibility studies, preliminary engineering designs, and environmental impact assessment have also been completed. 

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In addition, the ministry said the studies, designs, and assessments have been submitted to the National Treasury. The latter on the other hand has granted KURA the approval to proceed with the project preparation. The preparations will be carried out “within the existing legal and regulatory framework.”

The timeline of the implementation of the project however has not yet been determined. According to Joseph Mbugua, the timeline will be determined at a later date. Particularly, Mbugua said “once the requisite legal regulatory and funding approval clearances are completed.

Cost and funding for the project to expand Kiambu Road in Kenya

The project is estimated to cost a total of US$286 million. This incorporates US$55.26 million for land acquisition and relocation services.

Mubugua, who is the Principal Secretary for Roads said that the project will be funded by the GoK in partnership with the government of China through the Asian country’s Exim Bank.

The completion of the project to expand Kiambu Road in Kenya will hand motorists and commuters a big relief. Especially from the unending traffic snarl-ups experienced during peak hours on the motorway that feeds traffic in and out of the populous city of Nairobi and Kiambu county.

Reported earlier Jun 2019

Kenya to conduct feasibility studies on Muthaiga-Kiambu-Ndumberi road

Kenya is set to conduct feasibility studies on the Muthaiga-Kiambu-Ndumberi road project. This is after Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) picked two consultancy firms to conduct the studies.

Apec Consortium and Span Engineers who are working under a joint venture (JV) have been selected by KeNHA to collect views from the local residents and map out a design for the project. Also Read: Chinese firm wins tender for Kenya’s Magadi road expansion project

Muthaiga-Kiambu-Ndumberi road project

The road which is entirely in Kiambu County starts at Pangani and Muthaiga Interchanges along Thika road and extends through Kiambu ending at Ndumberi.

The study for the design shall include a design for all access roads to Government Institutions along the stretch including but not limited to District Headquarters, Schools, Colleges, and other government institutions. Major loop roads within townships, market centers, and potential bypasses along the road shall also be included and also the design shall incorporate the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system along the main road as necessary.

According to a report statement made by KeNHA, the government is preparing documentation for the dualling of the Muthaiga-Kiambu-Ndumberi road which is an essential link between Nairobi and Kiambu running for 25 kilometers. To facilitate this, the authority is planning public meetings with residents who will be affected by the project in order to get their views for adoption during preparation for sustainable measures.

Kiambu Road is one of the main headaches for motorists in Nairobi as is characterized by traffic jams even during off-peak hours. The government aims to reduce traffic jams and gridlocks along the road which is fast developing with hundreds of apartments and flats in Thindigua, Kasarini, Kirigiti, Runda, and other areas near Kiambu town.