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The Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) services contract for the Qiddiya Water Theme Park Project has been awarded to Voltas, the Indian-based engineering solutions and air-conditioning provider as a result of a joint venture between Tata Sons Ltd, and swiss based firm, Volkart Brothers.

The CEO and Managing Director of Voltas expressed delight over working on the theme park. In addition, Pradeep Bakshi revealed that the destination will serve as a place for students, especially to cultivate, and appreciate their potential.

Moreover, he said, the destination will offer a space that supports new career paths. The park will include two golf courses, and a kids’ sports center, alongside a female sports center. It will also include a stadium and an aquatic center.

Project Overview 

The Qiddiya Water Theme Park has been set to be one of the key entertainment attractions located in the center of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. The location is also said to be the future capital of Entertainment, Culture, and Sports in the region.

The project is projected to cover 252,000 m² of land and will include 22 rides, of which 9 will be the first in the world. Visitors will have access to nine zones. These nine zones are – the Entry Gate, Dub Grotto, Wave Wadi, and Camel Rock. Viper Canyon, the Den, the Herding Grounds, Arabian Peak, and Surf Lagoon. The zones have been inspired by the native animals that have a habitat in the area surrounding Qiddiya.

The water theme park will be bigger than any such water park in the entire world. The park will also feature state-of-the-art facilities that will be able to accommodate and host world water tournaments. The project will cost approximately US$ 750M and it will make use of smart technology in ensuring that the park’s operations align with sustainability efforts.

Reportedly, Qiddiya Water Theme Park will help support Vision 2030, which aims to diversify the country’s economy. It strives to repatriate the billions of dollars that citizens often spend on outbound tourism, annually. Moreover, the project is said to fulfill several core tenets such as the empowering of women and the youth, and the promotion of start-up culture.

Reported earlier 

Feb 2022

Qiddiya Water Theme Park Contract Awarded

The $750 million Qiddiya Water Theme Park contract has been awarded to ALEC Saudi Arabia Engineering & Contracting, and El Seif Engineering Contracting. The contract is a joint venture between the two companies and was formally and officially signed between ALEC’s CEO Kez Taylor, El Seif’s CEO Ahmed Al-Bassam, and Qiddiya’s managing director Abdullah Aldawood.

The signing ceremony was held at the Qiddiya Experience Center, which was later patched up with a ground-breaking event to mark the beginning of the construction. The contract worth SAR 2.8 billion, was awarded by Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) to facilitate the construction of Saudi Arabia’s first extension, the region’s first-ever largest water theme park. 

While at the signing ceremony, Abdullah confidently expressed that one of the goals of the project is to make the park a year-round immersive family entertainment destination. He added that they aim for the Qiddiya Water Theme Park will be the first of its kind and offer an experience that has not been offered before in Saudia Arabia. 

May 2022

Lead Design Consultants Appointed for Qiddiya Water Theme Park Project

The Dewan Architects + Engineers, a multi-disciplinary designer specializing in architectural and engineering designs for the commercial sector has been appointed as the lead design consultant for the Qiddiya Water Theme Park project, which is coming up in Saudi Arabia.

The multidiscipline design firm has successfully been able to deliver the design of the water theme park and is currently supervising its physical construction. The firm, through a statement, said that they are currently working with a large team of renowned ride vendors and water theme park experts, alongside infrastructure and engineering professionals. 

The CEO of Dewan Architects + Engineers, Ammar Al Assam, confidently expressed that the firm is extremely proud to contribute to the project.