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The Netherlands to build the world’s largest offshore hydrogen production plant

For the construction of the world’s largest offshore hydrogen production plant in the Netherlands, the Dutch government has selected an area. The area is Ten noorden van de Waddeneilanden (the North of the Wadden Islands). This location was chosen because it is best suited for offshore wind development, 500 MW of electrolysis capacity, and hydrogen transport to land.

The worlds largest offshore production plant will rely on electricity from the nearby 600MW Gemini Wind Farm for its electrolyser to split hydrogen from the desalinated water. Presently costs of green hydrogen production are where wind power generated electricty was 20 years ago but are are expected to reduce with time.

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On March 20, the government declared that Ten Noorden van de Waddeneilanden, offshore the province of Groningen, would be used for large-scale offshore hydrogen production. This is because a wind farm there will be available to provide the electricity needed. Furthermore, a nearby natural gas pipeline will be able to transport green hydrogen to land. As a result, it can be appropriately connected to the onshore hydrogen network.

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The offshore hydrogen production in the Netherlands

The world’s largest offshore hydrogen production plant is considered to be the first large-scale application. It is hence slated to be operational around 2031. The Ministry for Climate and Energy Policy will first consult with the Groningen region, Wadden Sea stakeholders, and other stakeholders on issues like the pipeline’s landfall to transport the hydrogen from the offshore wind farm to shore and environmental aspects of the project before issuing any tenders.

Rob Jetten, the Dutch Minister for Climate and Energy Policy, stated: “We have already identified the preferred location. This will allow quick preparations for the project for the construction of offshore hydrogen production in the Netherlands. We will also clarify the sector so they can make their investment plans.

I am very content with the assistance we get from neighborhood authorities. The province and the municipalities fully commit to a green economy. Thus, the creation of sustainable energy is at the forefront.

The Ten noorden van de Waddeneilanden green hydrogen project will be the first to connect to Gasunie’s offshore hydrogen transport network. It is intended to be built to bring significant amounts of hydrogen ashore. The world’s largest offshore hydrogen production plantwill also help connect to the onshore hydrogen network.

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