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Construction has come a long way over the years, with each decade unraveling a modern construction marvel no one expected. We take a look at the top modern construction marvels in the world, the astounding man-made wonders. This include bridges, tunnels, or railways that connect cities, countries, or even continents. A skyscraper built to withstand earthquake, or even an artificial island that looks as beautiful as a natural one. These amazing engineering and construction landmarks, old and new, sure are awe-inspiring.

1. The Milau Viaduct: France

At 343 meters (1,125 feet), the MIlau Viaduct stands as the tallest bridge in the world, being taller than even the Eiffel Tower!. This is the first modern construction marvel in our top ten list. The multi-span-bridge cable spans the Gorge Valley of the River Tarn in the South of France. The bridge was designed by British architect Norman Foster and French engineer Michel Virlogeux. The bridge was built to solve the problem of traffic congestion. Heavy traffic was causing severe congestion over the summer holiday, as many people would be travelling from France to Spain. The viaduct was constructed to help cut down this congestion, and help those travelling to arrive in time at their destinations. The structure is not only eco-friendly, but it is also a sight to behold. The Milau viaduct comprises of eight consecutive cable-stayed spans that total 8,100 feet in height. top modern construction marvel

2. The Great Wall of China: China

Accorded celebration as one of the most outstanding achievements of construction and engineering, the Great Wall of China ranks second as a modern construction marvel. The Great wall was over 2,000 years in the making, resembling today’s wonder when the Ming Dynasty came in power. The Ming dynasty revolutionized its construction, by replacing tamped earth and wood with brick as a construction material on the bridge. This was done so as to protect the China Empire from attacks of its neighbors like the Mongolians. The bridge was also installed with watchtowers, pagodas, and bridges which created a formidable refuge. Over 10 million people visit the Great wall each year across the globe. The construction is truly a marvel, spanning 13,171 miles long and within 15 provinces and regions. The structure shows the construction talent of Chinese architects and also shares insight into the Chinese history and culture.10 Things to Know about the Great Wall of China — Google Arts & Culture

3. The Burj Khalifa: Dubai

Regarded as the tallest building in the world at 828 meters high and with 160 stories, the Burj Khalifa ranks third in our modern construction marvels in the world list. The building is home to the world’s highest mosque, fountain, and observation deck. This construction marvel was designed by the architect, Adrian Smith. It is in the 2km2 known as ‘Downtown Dubai’.Officially opened in 2010, the Burj Khalifa has become headquarters to numerous businesses, restaurants, and even corporate offices. It is also home to 900 residents who reside in the building. The building can hold upto 10,000 people at a time which is surely astounding. The building is also a major attraction destination in Dubai. One of the reasons is its observation decks and Sky Lounge that allows breathtaking views of Dubai by day and nightGet Burj Khalifa Tickets: World's Tallest Building | Visit Dubai

4. Palm Island: Dubai

Dubai’s palm island ranks among the top modern construction marvels in the world with its aesthetics and construction feat being awe-inspiring. It is considered one of the more massive innovative engineering feats. The Palm Islands are located off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf near Dubai. Known as the largest man-made set of islands, the project, constructed by Nakheel Properties. The construction project began in 2001 with the first of three islands, Palm Jumeirah. Through the use of sand dredging ships, the islands were formed by filling the seabed with sand. This process, known as rainbowing, includes spraying sand on top of the rising surface of the island. Each island is in the shape of a palm tree, with a crescent-shaped rock encircling the top of each island.Top modern construction marvels

5.The Venice Tide Barrier Project: Venice

Closing of the top modern construction marvels in the world list is the Venice Tide Barrier project. The Venice Tide Barrier Project was instigated in 2003. This innovative engineering feat, which consists of 78 rotating gates, is designed to keep the sea waters from entering the Venetian Lagoon if high tides and storms are in the forecast. The gates, each 6,500 square feet, are large metal boxes filled with water that rest at the bottom of the sea. When a tide of more than 3 ½ feet is forecast the water is emptied from the gates using compressed air. The gates will rise to the top of the water, blocking the sea from the lagoon, therefore stopping the tide flow. In the end, this engineering modern construction marvel and project cost $6 billion and took 20 years to build.

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