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In a look at the World’s Largest Oil Rigs ,it is quite interesting to acknowledge how far we have gone just in search for fuel in this modern world. We have even opted for deep sea exploration in order to acquire fuel which in this modern world, is indeed a basic need for industrial operations; right from running the heavy machinery to a necessity in tool maintenance.

Looking at the largest oil rigs in the world, these mega structures are quite complex and breathtaking to look at and explore. Their establishments compose of some of the most advanced technologies in mankind that we know making them among the best human inventions in the current world. The oil rigs standing as a world on their own in the deep seas and reaching hundreds of meters in the sky and going down in the seas at thousands of meters, these structures serve as a reminder of the progress in the mining sector and how possible it is to achieve anything. Let’s have a look at some of the largest oil rigs in the world.

Feature to Consider in Assessing the World’s Largest Oil Rigs

The size of the largest oil rig in the world can be measured by putting the following factors in consideration:

  • The height of the platform,(not including the base) which is also referred to as topsides
  • The total weight of the oil rig inclusive of the base and the moorings located underwater
  • The of the Barrel of Oil Equivalent (BOE) which is the collective amount of energy generated combining both gas and oil
  • The maximum number of barrels the oil rig can produce in a single day provided that the conditions are ideal i.e. its capacity

We shall imply the last feature mentioned above in assessing the largest oil rig in the world. It is also important to note that a barrel contains 158.9 liters of oil as defined by the oil industry.

1. Gullfaks C

Location: North Sea

According to sources Gullfasks C stands as the largest oil rig in the world. Boasting a total weight of 420,000 tonnes which includes a 370,000 tonne substructure and 50,00 tonnes on the topsides, this megastructure is a concrete gravity platform and is said to be the only heaviest object that was ever moved during its installation in the mid-1980s.

During its peak production period in the year 2001, Gulfaks C managed to produce an impressive 180,000 oil barrels daily thereby making it the largest oil rig and oil platform at the time.

The structure stands at approximately 380 meters from the sea floor and is able to accommodate a staff of 300.


2. Petronius

Location: Gulf of Mexico

The Petronius Oil Rig is named after the famous ancient Roman writer who was quite active during the reign of Emperor Nero. The Petronius oil platform was once the tallest structure in the world before the construction of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai thereby making it the tallest oil rig in the world. The oil platform is located at a distance of 210 kilometers at the the southeast of New Orleans in the United States. Petronius weighs approximately 45,000 tonnes.

The Petronius is also referred to as a compliant tower, and is constructed to move in harmony with the swell of the ocean rather than resisting it. This flexibility feature enable this oil platform to yield and sway up to an extent of over 2% of its overall height. By comparison, conventional structures usually limit their swaying ability to not exceeding 0.5% of the overall height.


3. Berkut Oil Rig

Location: Sea of Okhotsk

Boasting a whooping cost of $12 billion, the 220,000 tonnes Berkut Oil Platform, also known as The Golden Eagle, is among the largest oil rigs in the world in terms of weight. This oil platform was set up in one of the most remote and hostile water bodies on the planet. Additionally, Berkut construction project was one of the most difficult and challenging projects ever attempted in the history of mankind. Its underwater base is consisted of 53,000 cubic meters of concrete and also 27,000 of steel structure. Its topsides that have a height of 145 meters have a weight of more than 42,000 tonnes. Berkut oil platform has been built uniquely in order to be able to withstand harsh temperatures that usually go up to -44 degrees Celsius. Its production capacity stands at 33 million barrels in a year which is equivalent to 5.2 billion liters. The oil rig is owned by ExxonMobil affiliate, Exxon Neftegas Limited (ENL), Sakhalin Oil and Gas Development Co.


4. Perdido

Location: Gulf of Mexico

Perdido is a Spanish term that refers to lost. This oil platform in the world is unique in that it is the deepest in the world and is moored around 2,450 meters of water. It is located at a distance of 320 miles at the south of Galvestone, Texas. Its production capacity is approximated at 100,000 barrels of oil daily and 5.6 million cubic meters of gas in a day. It is also interesting to note that its topsides have a height that is same as the Eiffel Tower in France.


5. Olympus (Mars B)

Location: Gulf of Mexico

Indeed the Olympus is a competitive contender of the title of the World’s Largest Oil Rigs. With a unique design to withstand harsh hurricanes that may occur at the sea, the oil platform kicked off its operations in the year 2014 and is situated in Mars B oil field. Olympus is located at a distance of 209 kilometers south of the New Orleans and proudly sits in more than 900 meters of water. It is able to accommodate less than 200 staff members and has a weight of approximately 109,000 tonnes. This oil rig is owned by Shell Company.


6. Hibernia; Topping the World’s Largest Oil Rigs List

Location: North Atlantic

Located in the North Atlantic and approximately a distance of 315 kilometers on the east-southeast of Newfoundland in Canada, Hibernia Oil Rig stands as the largest oil rig in the world of the World’s Largest Oil Rigs list. Its topsides which weigh 37,000 tonnes are mounted on a colossal gravity base structure that weighs 600,000 tonnes. The base structure contains storage tanks that have the ability of holding around 1.3 million barrels of crude oil.

Hibernia oil rig kicked off its operations in the year 1997. The oil platform is serrated and has a shape of a star. Its construction has been design in such a way that it can be able to withstand a collision from a six million tonne iceberg just in case it occurs.

The total amount of the oil fields in which Hibernia is operational is approximated to be at 1.4 billion barrels.

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