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Tour Hekla is a 220-meter (722 ft) tower being developed in Puteaux, La Défense district of Paris, in France. The 48-story skyscraper was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel. It will become the tallest building in the La Défense district, as well as the second-tallest tower in France surpassing the Tour First, which is the tallest in the district. The cost of the development is estimated at 248 million euros.

Tour Hekla: The perfect development strategy for Paris La Défense.

Rising 220 meters high, the tower comprises of 48 stories and 76,000 square meters of office area and accommodate up to 5,800 workers and offering them with a whole new high-rise experience. The extraordinary scheme is the result of a successful collaboration from the Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Hines and AG Real Estate, Amundi Immobilier and Primonial REIM. With 37 stories of office area, 5 stories dedicated for services and 3 levels housing, an exceptional “Club Space,” set above on the roof terrace, the skyscraper reinvents all conventions, with terraces or loggias on all floors, the top incorporates a hanging garden and city of Paris and La Défense panoramic views.

The construction as at December 2021

Upgradable and intelligent, the tower is identified by its modularity, making it adapt to its users’ every need and desire. Intimately linked to the architectural object, the programming and services offered by Hekla aspire to create a unique user experience, the outcome of impeccably high standards and a vision intending to provide the best in every domain, at the center of a neighborhood in the midst of a broad redevelopment program. The tower construction perfectly goes with the development strategy for Paris La Défense, with the intention of boosting the appeal of Europe’s largest business district and its international impact. The building is much located on an ideal site, in close proximity to the Coeur Transport multimodal hub, which is much-coveted by corporations. Hekla is set to become the headquarters of a number of French or international corporations, that would benefit from the excellent infrastructure of Paris La Défense. The RER EOLE arrival — east-west express link– in 2023, and the Grand Paris Express Line 15 will much enhance transport connections in the business district.

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Tour Hekla Construction Timeline.

The tower was awarded the building permit in June,

Construction began in May.

September 2018.
Tour Hekla phase one was nearing completion.

The project appeared to be going up in stages, with the smaller phase reaching completion ahead of the rise of the taller phase two.

March 2021
One floor per week. It is at this sustained pace and difficult to imagine for the average citizen that the Hekla tower was advancing in the landscape of La Défense. Pouring concrete slabs, insulation, installation of electrical systems or testing of furnishing and decoration material. In total, around 400 workers were working daily.

December 2021

The research went in the direction of a prismatic composition. The composition differentiates its characters on its three sides and on its three angles, between glass and metal, transparency and mass, shine and mattness. The delivery is scheduled in the summer 2022.