Visakhapatnam Beach Road Corridor in India to be world’s best

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Following up on the mega scheme, Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has requested a quick course of action for Visakhapatnam Beach Road Corridor to ensure it’s the best in the world. Joining the National Highway no.16 to Visakhapatnam Port through Bhogapuram and Bheemunipatnam, the beach road intends to smoothen traffic for the proposed Bhogapuram International Airport. It also intends to altogether reduce the travel time from Visakhapatnam to the new airport. The scheme is being managed by the Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority (VMRDA).

While participating in the road safety council meeting, the Chief Minister also urged for measures to make sure special care on road designs. He ordered the project’s finalization at the earliest. He also added that ₹2,205 crores were allocated for the building and maintenance of roads in a year, a record in the state’s history.

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Visakhapatnam Beach Road Corridor will stretch over 20.2 km in length

The Visakhapatnam Beach Road Corridor intends to create avenues of development for logistic hubs, tourism, rural and urban development schemes and enhance the service industry. It is positioned to be abutting the shoreline of the state making it a scenic drive for travelers. With over 300 acres of land being acquired for the scheme, it is disputed whether the city will be regarded as the state’s capital.

The 6-lane road scheme was proposed by the VMRDA is set to stretch over 20.2 km in length linking several villages. The proposed Bhogapuram Greenfield International Airport is set to commence work, and the Chief Minister intends to bring better connectivity and ensure no hindrance in both schemes. While keeping in mind the poor conditions of the state’s highways, the Chief Minister has called to set up a lead agency on road safety and a road safety fund. He also proposed cashless treatments for road accident victims while supporting those who help road accident victims.