4 Key Infrastructure sectors Iowa DOT is spending $1.47 billion dollars on

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The Iowa DOT has spent a record $1.47 billion dollars on infrastructure including roads and bridges in the fiscal year 2022-23 ending June 30. That money was put towards 839 projects. The DOT listed a breakdown of how the money was spent.

“Certainly, there is a lot of infrastructure needs all across Iowa at the DOT level, individual city and county level as well,” said Stu Anderson, of the Iowa DOT. “At the federal level we had the infrastructure bill that was passed in 2021, and in 2023 really started seeing the full impact of the funding increases a became available. What started up this summer is the first year of what will be about a three year project to widen Interstate 35 to 6 lanes from where from Ankeny for the current six lanes end, just north of Ankeny at 36th street, extending the six lanes up to just north of the Iowa 210 interchange.”

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There are many projects around central Iowa. A big one is widening I-35 to six lanes from Ankeny to Story County. Another project involves building a freeway style exit into Nevada from Highway 30. One Nevada company welcomes this upgrade for the town.Also, DOT projections show the same about or more in funds coming to Iowa’s roads and bridges, next year.

Fiscal year 2023 infrastructure investments awarded through the Iowa DOT include:

1. US$274.5 million in the farm-to-market system

This helps assure the goods produced in the state seamlessly get to a global marketplace.

2. US$358 million in the interstate system

These are essential to keep products flowing through the state.

3. US$26.8 million in the secondary system

This provides smoother pavements and better roadway markings that help you have a more comfortable and safer commute.

4. US$136.8 million in urban roads and bridges

These assure you can quickly and efficiently get your family to activities, medical appointments, shopping, and more.

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