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Africa’s retail landscape has seen remarkable growth over the years, with the emergence of mega-shopping complexes that cater to the diverse needs and desires of its burgeoning population. These massive retail havens offer a wide array of shopping options, house entertainment facilities, dining establishments, and leisure activities under one roof.

In this article, we unveil the 10 biggest malls in Africa as of 2023, showcasing the region’s retail giants that are redefining the shopping experience.

1. Morocco Mall – Casablanca, Morocco | 200,000 square metres

Morocco Mall, africa's biggest mall

The Morocco Mall, located in Casablanca, Morocco, is one of the 10 biggest malls in Africa. With its stunning architectural design and extensive retail space, the mall symbolises modernity and luxury in the region. Boasting an impressive total floor area of approximately 200,000 square metres, the Morocco Mall offers visitors an unparalleled shopping experience with a wide range of international and local brands, fashion boutiques, electronics stores, and speciality shops.

2. Mall of Arabia – Cairo, Egypt | 167,000 square meters

Coming in as one of the largest malls in North Africa, the Mall of Arabia in Cairo, Egypt, covers a vast area of approximately 167,000 square meters. This colossal shopping destination features an extensive selection of stores, including fashion boutiques, electronics retailers, and speciality shops, offering a shopping experience that caters to every taste and preference.

3. Cairo Festival City Mall – Cairo, Egypt | 165,000 square metres

Cairo Festival City Mall is a prominent shopping destination in Egypt, occupying an area of approximately 165,000 square metres. With a stunning blend of retail outlets, dining establishments, and family-friendly entertainment, this mall caters to visitors of all ages.

4. Gateway Theatre of Shopping – Durban, South Africa | 150,000 square metres

Gateway Theatre of Shopping, located in the coastal city of Durban is a retail paradise encompassing approximately 150,000 square metres of retail space. Besides offering an extensive selection of stores, it also features a wide range of entertainment options, including a cinema complex, theme parks, and an array of dining choices.

5. Canal Walk Mall – Cape Town, South Africa | 141,000 square metres

Canal Walk Mall, situated in Cape Town, South Africa, is one of the largest shopping centres on the African continent. This premier shopping destination covers an impressive retail space of approximately 141,000 square metres. With over 400 stores, Canal Walk offers an extensive selection of local and international brands, making it a shopper’s paradise. The mall’s layout is designed in a unique circular shape, providing visitors with a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. Beyond shopping, Canal Walk Mall offers a wide range of entertainment and dining options, including a cinema complex, restaurants, and family-friendly activities, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.

6. Mall of Africa – Johannesburg, South Africa | 131,000 square metres

Mall of Africa, situated in Johannesburg, South Africa, is not only one of the largest malls in the country but also a prominent contender on the list of the biggest malls in Africa. This modern shopping marvel spans an impressive 131,000 square metres and is home to over 300 shops, housing a variety of local and international brands.

7. Sandton City – Johannesburg, South Africa | 128,000 square metres

Another retail giant in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sandton City, covers an area of around 128,000 square metres. This iconic shopping destination has served shopaholics since the ’70s and remains a preferred haunt for luxury shopping, upscale dining, and entertainment.

8. Two Rivers Mall – Nairobi, Kenya | 67,000 square metres

10 biggest malls in AfricaTwo Rivers Mall, located in the vibrant city of Nairobi, Kenya, is the biggest in East Africa. With an impressive total retail space of over 67,000 square metres, the mall boasts more than 200 stores featuring both local and international brands. Visitors can indulge in a mix of retail therapy, fine dining, and entertainment options, making it a top attraction for locals and tourists alike.

9. Dembel City Centre – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | 40,000 square metres

Covering an impressive 40,000 square metres of floor area, Dembel City Centre is one of Ethiopia’s finest buildings. It boasts a modern and well-secured double-deck parking facility with the capacity to hold 500 vehicles at a time, providing visitors with ample parking space. The safety and security of customers are prioritized, with well-trained and efficient round-the-clock security guards, complemented by surveillance cameras that monitor the premises. Professional attendants are always available to assist and ensure the safety and comfort of every customer.

The location of Dembel City Centre along a major avenue and its continuous expansion reflect Ethiopia’s growing demand for modern shopping and retail facilities.

10. Novare Lekki Mall – Lagos, Nigeria | 22,000 square metres

Novare Lekki Mall proudly holds its place as one of the 10 biggest malls in Africa and the most impressive mall. Located in Lagos, Nigeria, this retail gem attracts a diverse range of shoppers from both the local community and tourists.

Novare Mall Lekki covers an expansive retail space of over 22,000 square metres. With its strategic position along the Lekki-Epe Expressway and extensive retail space, Novare Lekki Mall offers a wide array of stores featuring international and local brands, catering to various tastes and budgets.

Its inclusion among the continent’s largest malls reflects the city’s economic growth and the increasing demand for modern shopping experiences. Novare Lekki Mall has become a prominent retail destination in Lagos, defining the future of retail in Africa.

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As the African retail industry thrives, these 10 biggest malls stand as testaments to Africa’s economic growth and changing consumer trends. Offering an unparalleled shopping and entertainment experience, these retail giants have redefined the retail landscape in Africa, drawing in visitors from near and far to indulge in a world of shopping, dining, and leisure.