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In the ever-evolving world of architecture, a select few firms continue to shape skylines and redefine the art of building. The year 2023 brings us a list of the top 10 architect companies in the world by revenue, showcasing their global influence and impressive financial prowess. Let us delve into the world of architectural giants and explore what makes them stand out.

1. Gensler (United States)

With a staggering 3,069 employees and a revenue range of 1 billion to 1.5 billion US dollars, Gensler secures its position as the world’s largest architecture firm. Founded in 1965, Gensler has continually evolved its expertise.

Initially known for corporate interiors, the firm now excels in a wide spectrum of architectural and design services. From commercial office buildings to airports, education facilities to entertainment complexes, Gensler’s portfolio spans the globe. Their diverse services also encompass planning, urban design, and brand design.

2. HDR (United States)

HDR, an employee-owned design firm, boasts 1,404 employees and a revenue range of 500 million to 599 million US dollars. As one of the top 10 architects in the world, their reach extends across all 50 U.S. states and 60 countries, making them a global force.

Known for their engineering, architecture, environmental, and construction services, HDR has been involved in iconic projects. They also contribute to the development of residential skyscrapers.

3. Nikken Sekkei (Japan)

A proud Japanese architecture firm, Nikken Sekkei, founded over 115 years ago, boasts 1,342 employees and a revenue range of 600 million to 699 million US dollars. They excel in architecture, city planning, and environmental fields. Nikken Sekkei’s commitment to excellence is demonstrated by their winning projects like the Kumamoto Railway Station Building and their victory in China’s largest transportation hub architectural competition.

4. Sweco (Sweden)

Sweco, the only European firm in the top 10, hails from Sweden and a revenue range of 170 million to 179 million US dollars. Their vast experience encompasses architecture, design, urban planning, and construction.

With offices in multiple countries, Sweco’s 17,000 experts tackle projects from design and planning to construction and site supervision. Their focus is on creating high-quality spaces, places, and buildings that contribute to a sustainable future.

5. AECOM (United States)

Based in Los Angeles, AECOM is an American multinational engineering firm with 1,236 employees and a revenue range of 380 million to 389 million US dollars. AECOM’s services span design, consulting, construction, and management. They have left an indelible mark on Canada with projects like the Réseau Express Métropolitain in Quebec and the Calgary International Airport terminal expansion.

6. Perkins Eastman (United States)

Perkins Eastman, headquartered in the U.S., is a global player with 832 employees and a revenue range of 270 million to 279 million US dollars. Specializing in architecture and design, they have left their mark in modernizations for Vancouver’s SkyTrain system and many other projects.

7. Haeahn Architecture (South Korea)

Haeahn Architecture, based in South Korea, employs 741 individuals and boasts a revenue range of 140 million to 149 million US dollars. As one of the top 10 architects in the world, their architectural services span a wide spectrum, and they have gained recognition for their work on projects such as the Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal 2.

8. Heerim Architects & Planners (South Korea)

Another South Korean firm, Heerim Architects & Planners, is home to 727 employees and generates revenue ranging from 170 million to 179 million US dollars. They offer a wide range of architectural services and have undertaken significant projects, including design consulting for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

9. DLR Group (United States)

DLR Group, headquartered in the U.S., employs approximately 712 professionals and achieves a revenue range of 340 million to 349 million US dollars. Known for prioritizing sustainable design, they have received awards for projects like the sustainable Canyon View High School in Arizona and the reconstruction of the Portland Building.

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10. HKS (United States)

Closing our top 10 list is HKS, an American firm with 707 employees and a revenue range of 290 million to 299 million US dollars. Renowned for their architectural prowess, they have contributed to various iconic projects, including 311 South Wacker Drive in Chicago and the Atlantic Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas.

In conclusion, these top 10 architect companies in the world by revenue have left an indelible mark on the global architectural landscape. Their diverse expertise, innovative designs, and commitment to excellence continue to shape the world’s built environment. As we admire their achievements in 2023, we look forward to witnessing their contributions to the ever-evolving world of architecture.