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A brand new concept of decoration that does not hesitate to go beyond the standard, MOX  is what they refer to as their experience and desire for product development.

Orego metal, one of the main suppliers of famous international brands in the decorative  profile sector, entered the Turkish market by means of high quality raw materials, right operations and perfect surfaces.

This led them to become a favorite brand for many countries in the World and especially in Europe with MOX PROFILE SYSTEMS.


MOX PROFILE SYSTEMS promises you not only providing quality products and services for applying in all processes but precision for transforming raw materials to aluminium decorative profiles, at the right price by means of their manufacturer identity.

Their wide range of products include:

Aluminium Skirting Boards
Aluminium Tile Trims
Aluminium Stair Nose Profiles
Aluminium Flooring Transition
Aluminium Ramp Transition Profiles


They offer support for

Standard products that offer a solution for application
Non-standard products that can be customized according to your needs.

If any of their products do not meet your needs, they have a team of designers who will present custom product designs to be created by placing your opinions first.

After the design stage, they will successfully finalize the last step of production in their molding room.

All molds produced are used stably during the process by considering the quantity of consumption, amount and your expectations on surface quality. In addition to this, molds and designs are completely yours. No mold/product designed and produced for you specially is shared with any another company or person.

Mox offer custom production lengths ranging from 0 mm – 6000 mm ;

in order to save you from cutting work and cost of waste. In this way, you will have a flawlessly cut product that has been processed with precise cutting saws freeing you from cutting and wastage.

In terms of color, the company offers hundreds of RAL colors on their products with electrostatic powder paint and also matt/bright anodizing combinations with

Black  colors

All profiles are produced in their own facility & they can offer a very wide range of color to customers with chrome plating and nickel colors in profiles up to 3 meters.