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4ward Testing is a UK renowned standards testing leader providing cutting edge, commercially focused solutions based on the precision and real-world customer benefits. They create innovative testing environments designed to offer accurate and meaningful data for analysis allowing them to provide their customers with strong returns on their investment through their business-focused deliverables. Their customer loyalty offers support programmes of continual testing for Quality Control and Assurance across a wide range of commercial applications.

The company has over six decades of testing experience, thus in their senior testing team, they ensure continued confidence across a wide range of vertical markets including; automotive, aerospace, construction, oil & gas and manufacturing. Their combined experience allows them to offer a unique range of testing solutions alongside development, production and standard based consulting.

In the continually evolving world of international statutory and regulatory standards they have continued to support a wide range of industry leaders such as Henkel Polybit, Canusa Systems, and Bredero Shaw, Chase Protective Coatings.  Their Test Standards database provides the industry with a quick reference tool to support their new product development and allows their international customer base a perfect reference point for how their products will work within different requirements of various global regions.

Their UK Test Laboratory can offer advice, testing and certification for the newly released Harmonised Standard EN 15651, developed based on the ISO 11600, which requires all UK manufacturers of sealants to CE mark their products.  4ward Testing are the first UK Notified testing laboratory for sealant testing to the hEN 15651 standard.

Having worked with the Consumers Association, 4ward Testing is used to handling multi-company benchmarking and testing needs with complete confidentiality. Their UKAS accreditation (0307) to ISO 17025 also provides additional benefit of independent, impartial and quality results recognized and accepted all around the world.

4ward Testing advises clients that they should review the independent test certification on the product to ensure it is in line with the product data sheets and sales information. The company has clients supplying the Nigerian and South African markets and is looking for further distributors in Africa.


Sandra Seward,

Business Manager

4ward Testing Ltd

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Tel: +441798342240