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ABB to complete automation of 800MW unit in Kusile power station

Global leader in power and automation technologies, ABB is set to complete automation for the first 800 MW generating unit at Eskom’s Kusile power station, a State-owned enterprise in Mpumalanga.

ABB Power Generation MD Kevin Kosisko, said Eskom and ABB teams are working hand in hand with very strict monitoring on each element of the project to ensure quality and that deadlines are adhered to. He added that the project is fundamental and timing is a key deliverable in the initiative.

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ABB’s successful completion of the factory acceptance tests of the balance-of-plant and Unit 1 was greatly welcome by the power utility. The tests forms part of their execution of the control and instrumentation (C&I) project at Kusile Power Station.

“We are encouraged by the achievement of this milestone in the project. It is a significant move and gives us confidence that our partner ABB is adhering to the original schedule and is already on track to complete the project on time,” said Eskom group capital executive Abram Masango.

Kosisko on the other hand said that ABB as a whole was pleased that its technology would offer the best solution there is to bring reliable power supply to consumers and also play a major role in developing South Africa’s power infrastructure.

In accordance with the agreement, ABB was supplying the control system, software and instrumentation solution for all six of the station’s generating units, which would in turn aid in generating power to the entire country.

The solution also included unit and balance-of-plant automation, field instrumentation cabling, boiler protection and plant simulator engineering, installation, commissioning, optimization and training.

Eskom has been generating more than 90 per cent of its electricity from coal-fired stations. However, Kusile would use clean coal technology, being the first plant in Africa to use wet flue-gas desulphurization technology in all boilers.

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