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Adendorff Machinery Mart supplies tools and machinery directly to the public in South Africa and sources equipment from all over the world, striving to pick quality over cost but always ensuring a fair price for the final product.

In the recent years, demand for generators has gone up in South Africa by leaps and bounds due to the crumbling power grid in the country. Due to this, and the fact that the Johannesburg-based Adendorff sells directly to the public, demand for their Domestic Use machines has increased.

Adendorff mostly sells petrol powered types (5-7kw for smaller household and 10kw for larger household and small business). Customers needing over 10kw would better go for diesel machines.

Adendorff Machinery sells MAC-AFRIC Diesel generators of up to 30 – 40 Kw, popular among people and businesses in an industrial setting. These diesel generators are fitted with ATS (automatic Start) units, thus ideal for a site where there are no personnel to switch the machine on.

Francois Landsberg from Adendorff Machinery says. “We have seen a large demand for these machines in small businesses or complexes that demand that amount of power (e.g small supermarket).”

However, diesel generators cost a bit more compared to petrol powered ones, owners require some more technical expertise to run a diesel generator (e.g. bleeding the diesel fuel line to remove air blockage), and diesel generators cost more to service, yet are same to petrol powered in reliability and quality.

Landsberg advises “The best and safest practice is to measure your power either by using an electrician you trust or measuring your load at your power board”. He adds. “A change over switch must always be used to prevent reverse feeding in the generator.” Thus need for proper installation.

Many customers do not know how to prevent overloading on power supply. Many don’t know that lack of power supply balancing for 3-phase machines can cause damage to any unit although electricians know it. Hence, one needs knowledgeable persons for installations.


Francois Landsberg.
Adendorff Machinery Mart
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