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Established in 2001, Adpower is one of the world’s largest and reputed dealer of Diesel Generators, Generator Spare Parts, Mobile Light Tower, Solar Light Tower, Water Pumps, and many other products used for water and electricity generation.

Over the years, Ad power has focused on reaching every possible sector so that no market remains untapped. The company serves various sectors including Rail, Gas Industries, Telecom, Hotels, Schools, and Hospitals, etc.

Adpower believes in maximizing customer satisfaction by delivering valuable services at reasonable costs. If you are having some problems regarding your huge projects, Adpower is there to help you by providing answers to your respective queries.

The company covers a wide variety of manufacturers including FPT/ IVECO, Perkins, Cummins, John Deere, Kubota, Lombardini, and Volvo.

Bringing customization to its products, Adpower has a varied product range including:

  1. From 30kva to 600kva FPT/ IVECO powered units
  2. From 9kva to megawatt PERKINS range
  3. From 25kva up to megawatt CUMMINS range
  4. From 150kva up to 630kva VOLVO units
  5. From 40kva to 250kva JOHN DEERE range
  6. From 9kva to 36kva KUBOTA powered units

Keeping in mind the priority of its customers, Adpower believes in supplying excellent quality generators and spare parts in the minimum possible time. This is how it has managed to develop a sense of loyalty among customers towards these reputed brands. At present, 45 nations are being served by Adpower. However, they are trying their level best to enhance their approach towards its prospective customers.

Adpower has trade relations with other countries including Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, Oman, Yemen, and Libya. The products and spare parts etc. supplied by this firm are certified and authenticated on an international basis with respect to the industry’s regulatory guidelines.

“We believe in providing our respective products at competitive costs to our clients, which makes us perform outstandingly by outdoing our competitors across the globe. Our job does not end up once we have delivered the final product to the end-users. Instead, we take the responsibility of providing amazing and speedy services to the clients, in case any problem arises,” says Ghulam Rasool, Adpower Sales & Technical Manager.