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The Aermotor Company has been manufacturing windmills since 1888. Their windmill pulls water from the aquifer to the top of the ground.  It is mechanical and works off the power of the wind.   Where there is no electricity in remote areas, their windmill is the most efficient way to supply water for livestock and villages.
They have a dealers all over the USA and in many other countries including Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Ethiopia and India.   The first windmill they sold to their Nigerian dealer is supplying water for 500 head of cattle and 200 people in a village and they see the African market growing tremendously as clean drinking water is very scarce in these countries.
The Aermotor was introduced in 1888 only 45 were sold the first year.  The new “mathematical” windmill, as it was derisively called by their competitors, embodied all the principals learned from previous experiments.  It also had back gearing which allowed the wheel to make about 3-1/2 revolutions for each stroke, resulting in much greater lifting power and smoother pumping action.

In 1892 Aermotor sold 20,000 windmills and the “mathematical” windmill’s image had changed from a joke to a true necessity.  The Aermotor Windmill could out perform any other windmill on the market and helped settle the west in the United States.  In 1933 Aermotor introduced the 702 model, which featured replaceable bearings and screw-type wheel arms.  No other company has come up with a better design since that day.  Aermotor became the dominant windmill manufacturer in the world and still is today.  Aermotor is the only full line manufacturer of windmills and towers in the USA today.

According to Aermotor Company’s President Guy Morrow their Windmills are available in most African countries including Nigeria, Ethiopia and South Africa.
Guy also added that they have distributors in Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia and Egypt, but they are always looking for more distributors so that they can make their product availability easy and more affordable.

He also added that no other windmill manufacturer in the world uses ductile iron on the gear case, hub and internal parts like Aermotor does.  Ductile iron has 8 times the tensil strength as cast iron.  All their competitors use cast iron.  They are also the only company to use Garlock bearings.  All their competitors use babbit bearings.  Garlock is far more superior bearing than babbit

Aermotor Company

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