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AGC is the largest conglomerate network in Japan with 260 subsidiaries and affiliates spread in over more than 30 countries. Group’s business extends into four major fields, including glass, electronics, chemicals and ceramics. First started in the architectural glass more than a century ago, AGC Group is leading the industry today.

Through world class technologies and expertise, the Group provides a diverse lineup of glass products. From solar-control and energy saving coated glasses for beautiful and efficient building envelopes till sophisticated electrochromic smart-tinting glasses and energy-harvesting façade solutions, fire-resistant, explosion-resistant and bullet-proof products with enhanced safety and security performance, active multimedia glass solutions with embedded LEDs, deco glasses for contemporary interiors, anti-reflective glass solutions perfect for efficient showroom displays, anti- corrosive glass for shower applications and much more – AGC has it all. AGC is constantly working on must-have technologies to comply with the most contemporary trends and address the challenges of “smart cities” – for example, enhancing flat glass antenna solutions to provide increased 4G –5G coverage and capacity to end-user.

AGC in Africa

Two of the AGC manufacturing plants are located in the MENA region: a plant in Morocco manufacturing  the toughened and laminated glass for the automotive sector; and magnetron coater in Saudi Arabia – AGC Obeikan Glass – manufacturing architectural high-performance coated glass for construction industry.

AGC is interested to penetrate deeper a vast African market which has strong long-term growth prospects. Strategically situated in a port city of Yanbu, the coating facility of AGC Obeikan Glass with the access to the Red Sea provides customers across Middle East and Africa a faster access to advanced products and services, utilizing superior industrial infrastructure.

High performance soft coated glass

Due to hot climate, it is always a challenge to balance between the right amount of the light, glare and heat affecting the building HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems. High performance soft coated glass manufactured by AGC Obeikan is one of the flexible materials providing such balance.

High solar control and thermal insulation properties of sputter-coated glass allow contemporary architects to design and build fully glazed high rise towers without compromise on the energy saving and comfort. Apart from the technical and energy properties, AGC Obeikan Glass offers a range of trendy colours, allowing to choose desired aesthetics.

AGC Obeikan sputter coated solar control and low-e glass is perfect solution for contemporary buildings, providing the best balance between a high level of natural light and a low level of heat coming through. Their coated glass with low internal reflection ensures that the light is generously distributed inside home and building occupants enjoy a perfect view towards the outside world. High performance coated glass solutions from AGC Obeikan make no compromise on aesthetics and functionality.

While the use of single-pane monolithic glass was common years ago, high performance glass solutions available today can bring huge long-term savings. Apart from the colour, other safety and comfort related factors such as sound insulation, thermal insulation and glare control, are important when it comes to choosing the glass. The right amount of light and heat passing through the window is crucial for the comfort of the building occupants, therefore it is essential to choose the high-performance glass solutions. Such innovative climate control solutions help to minimize energy costs, making it the right choice for effective fenestration.