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Aggreko is a global company that has been operating for over 50 years. As the first rental power and Temperature Control (TC) provider to operate on a global scale, Aggreko today has over 6,000 employees working across 194 locations. Aggreko has dedicated regional teams focused on designing solutions that fit local needs, using technology and processes that meet the highest international standards of excellence, ensuring that no matter where, customers receive the same level of service and expertise in DRC as they would in the USA.

In terms of Aggreko’s power generating offer, as Africa grows more populated and economically sound, posting impressive real GDP growth rates, demand for electricity is significant. African markets looking to sustain and increase domestic growth must look at flexible power generation solutions that are quick to install and manage on a granular basis, while more permanent energy expansion programmes are put in place.

Aggreko is unique in that they design and manufacture all their own equipment, which means that they are able to optimise it for the specific requirements of their customers and the rental business. With a dedicated manufacturing facility based in Dumbarton, Scotland, Aggreko works with each and every piece of machinery from beginning to end, adhering to a strict maintenance policy that ensures power and TC sets are fully refurbished by Aggreko engineers after 20,000 operating hours or two years on site. This way, they can guarantee quality delivery to their customers, assuring them peace of mind.

With dedicated operations in 46 out of Africa’s 55 nations, Aggreko truly is a global leader who is dedicated to providing solutions that fit local needs. As rental providers we can respond to events as they happen anywhere in Africa and can move their equipment with relative ease. Having been in the business for over 50 years, we have a solid understanding of border controls and requirements, and established key relationships that ensure their customers are catered for wherever they are.

In Africa Aggreko has provided chiller solutions to a wide customer based from a wide range of sectors that include mining, manufacturing and events to name a few. As an example, they recently provided an underground cooling and chilling package to Harmony Gold Mining’s Phaksia mine in Free State, South Africa. The deep mine which reaches a depth of 2,400 metres, was in need of an emergency cooling solution after the commissioning of their onsite cooling system was delayed, threatening to effect production levels. After careful assessment of the customer’s need, Aggreko mobilised and set-up the necessary cooling equipment in a matter of days, effectively bridging the gap until the permanent system was installed.

Chris Wishart, Regional Temperature Control Manager, Aggreko Africa says that their equipment is built to meet their particular operational requirements. A generator or chiller is normally designed to be permanently installed and rarely, if ever, moved. Its performance will also be adapted to the regulations and ambient conditions of the country in which it is sold. An Aggreko generator or chiller will be picked up and put down multiple times during its working life, and be required to work faultlessly in locations that may reach temperatures of +50°C, and a few weeks later, at sub-zero temperatures on the peak of a mountain for example. They use the highest quality material – given the choice of 6mm steel for a bed-plate, or 8mm, they choose 10mm.



Chris Wishart

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