AGILE, SHARP, WAVE?colored basins for a contemporary taste?by SIMAS

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AGILE, the industrial custom-made designed for a wide range of functionality. Collection of basins linear, minimal, with rigorous design, with clever dimensions, from the smallest to the biggest basin, create the space depending on the most disparate needs of the daily practicality. 13 dimensions, from the smallest handbasin with shelf of 20 cm, to the double bowl rectangular basin of 141 cm, wall hung or countertop, in fireclay, with thickness of 6 mm. The elegance, the correct proportions, the wide range of measures and colors permit different solution for all the bathroom ambientes.

SHARP, a must within the countertop basins by SIMAS for the incomparable thin edge of 3 mm. spot on collection of polyfunctional basins, all made in Italy, with dynamic and minimal design, awarded for its high production technology for the unusual manufacturing process of the vitreous china, which earned the mention of honor by ADI Ceramics Design Award. Collection with ten different proposals where the round become square, oval, rectangular, even with the tap shelf. SHARP grows in height as well, becoming the SH10. A “bucket” in reality very sophisticated and highly well-finished in the details, unusual element for such must collection.

WAVE, characterized by the asymmetry of the internal bowl, with rounded, oval, square and rectangular shape, where the frontal side has a different incline respect the rear one, moving the knowing perception of the geometrical shapes to a concept of “always in movement as for the waves moved by the flowing”, exposing itself to many contaminations in a continuous becoming. A new perspective of design which locates the center of the figure and the shape itself, which has been received in a different way enriching the primary vision. The soft style, with essential lines, expresses a new non-conventional classic, suitable for every ambient.

Three collections of basins, designed by SIMAS technical office, which have black matt metal structure specially made in brass powder coated, freestanding or wall hung. Real furnishing systems, elegant and functional, which together with FRAME – furniture with metal structure in anthracite matt finishing, with wooden shelves available in Dark Oak, Grey Ashwood and White Matt, give the possibility to enlarge the way of using inside bathroom of contained dimensions, for sharing space for him/her, on standard counter top and as washbasins everywhere placeable, even in the outdoor, for a riding philosophy of living which comes out both in the residential and in the contract.

Sharp rounded Matt black by Simas

AGILE, SHARP, WAVE, they have in common a wide and refined selection of colors with 13 different nuances, from the shining White and Black, to the Matt finishing Matt White, Black, Anthracite, Tela, Mirto, Prugna, Navy, Sabbia, Cemento, Pervinca & Moka, moreover even the click clack waste with ceramic cover can be coordinated in the same colors.

Basins for the bathroom which for their versatility in terms of design and dimensions can be combined with sanitary wares collections as BADEN BADEN & VIGNONI, with which share the wide chromatic offer.

SIMAS SPA, since 1955, producer in Civita Castellana of ceramic sanitary wares 100% Made in Italy, granted by “Ceramics of Italy” trademark.