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Aguapuro – Leading Water Treatment Company in India

Established in 1998, with their headquarters in Mumbai, Aguapuro is a highly professional organization.

They are considered as one of the leading water treatment companies in India and one of the very few in the world with such an extensive range of technologies, products and services.

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They offer solutions relating to:

Water treatment, de-mineralization & waste water treatment needs.

Through the years, they have managed to meet the needs of various residential, industrial and recreational bodies, catering to their various complexities and quantities.

They have delivered over 1,000 water treatment systems both domestically and internationally.

With a significant presence across Africa, The Gulf & middle east, their export markets contribute to 60% of their total revenue.

Their core areas of operation include:

  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Waste Water Plants
  • Juice and Soft Drink Projects
  • Mineral Water projects

They own 2 state of the art manufacturing facilities.

One in Bhiwandi and the other in Dombivali.

Both facilities are spread over 20,000 Sq Ft.


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