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AJ Charnaud & Company (Pty) Ltd has since its foundation, been at the forefront of the development and manufacturing of personal protective clothing.

The company was founded in 1975 by Fiona and Andrew Charnaud to manufacture industrial rainwear for the South African market. The organization has since expanded its range of products considerably over the years and now supplies advanced personal protective clothing and equipment to various sectors of the global economy.

With a complete head-to-foot range of certified products, supported with advanced professional and technical assistance, Charnaud is regarded as a leading global supplier of personal protective clothing for flame, heat, molten metal and electric arc protection and some hazardous liquids in flammable environments.

Today the Charnaud Group exports its expertise, personal protective clothing and systems worldwide to protect workers across five continents.

The company’s long standing commitment to ensuring the safety of their customers has led to the development to highly specialized technology in personal protective clothing over the years. The company is constantly looking for innovative ways to improve safety through personal protective clothing. Their newest product to enter the market place is the Metal-Safe® work wear garments.

As Charnaud continues to grow, more focus is placed on brand consistency and product quality. Products are certified in South Africa, with most products also

carrying international certification.

Flagship products comprise of Survive-ARC® and ALu- SAFE®. Other brands by the company include: Aluminised®, Charnaud Smelter Boot®, Aqua-TECH®, Fire-TECH®, Fire-SAFE®, Wool-SAFE®, Zero-TECH®, Shaft-TECH®.

All of the product features have been thoroughly tested in order to ensure consistency and the safety of our customers.

Apart from ensuring quality products, the company goes the extra mile by offering pre-sales advice, custom design and after sales services including product care/ maintenance, washing programs and laundry set up.

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