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Aksa Power Generation is among the top Generating Set producers worldwide with three production facilities. As one of the leading companies in the power generation market for many years, Aksa is able to meet the requirements of its customers with extensive sales and service network.

Aksa generating sets have proven success in all geographical and climatic conditions throughout the world. The product range includes Portable gasoline generating sets 2.2-11 kVA, diesel generating sets 8-2,500 kVA, gas generating sets 10-3,200 kW (including CHP units) and marine auxiliary generating sets. Having dealt with renowned engine brands, all Aksa’s genset accord the same standards for the African environment, their canopy isweather and sound proof with a powder coated enclosure. All their DG sets have standard battery charger and jack water heater. With ample amount of air circulation their canopy is built according to the European standard. DSE controller is standard in Aksa’s generators (Digital controller from UK). In terms of pricing they are one of lowest while offering a quality product.

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Cogeneration systems provide both electricity and useful heat energy simultaneously from a single fuel. Cogeneration technology provides up to 85-90% cycle efficiency by using the waste heat, which is lost with traditional genset methods. Enterprises that have a co-generation system can produce their own electrical energy and meet their heat requirements (such as cooling hot water, steam used in their processes) from the same system. With much experience and a wide product range, Aksa Power Generation is able to produce cogeneration systems and fulfill related services to suit the requirements of its customers with motor types from 100kW to 15MW.

Bosco.T. Bernard, Business Development Manager says “When buying a generator kindly look into the product that we have to offer, we can offer different DG set to cater the buyer requirement, with Synchronization panel & ATS (Automatic Transfer panel) facilities”


Aksa Power Generation FZE

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