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They provide solutions to their customers and partners, offering exclusive turnkey solutions in terms of on-site power generation and after sales and spare parts support with a widely-penetrating network of subsidiaries and dealers all around world.

AKSA engineering team is working on improving the design of their full product range to comply with UK specifications. The UK has been on the top of the list of power generation equipment exporting countries to Africa and the Middle East for a long time now.

Over the past 10 years AKSA has managed to gain a stronghold in the African power market. The company has established its service centers in Kenya, South Africa, Angola, Ghana, Tanzania, and Algeria.
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AKSA is also the major supplier of generator sets in mainland China, and in other major markets in the Far East such as; Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. They also have a branch in USA, west Monroe LA with contemporary facilities.

They also deliver their products and services to major export markets such as Brazil and Venezuela. They are also developing markets further afield in Australia. Nonetheless, their products and services are available in African countries that include; Angola, South Africa, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania. They are currently pursuing agents or distributors in Africa.

They are the major exhibitors at prominent exhibitions, and have introduced their Rental Pack Series’ products to the Australian market. The Rental Pack Series’ comes equipped with car specific air proof rubber sealed doors and exclusive residential silencer with excellent performance and noise reduction.

They are equipped with bunded fuel tanks providing 24-hour uninterrupted running capacity, and a tropical radiator which will run the set under harsh climatic conditions up to 50°C.s

Orhun Dirlik, Managing Director comments on the emerging trend regarding the product that, “local solutions to growing energy demand will flourish through renewable energy sources, with a high demand of generator sets to back up those systems.”

Aksa Power Generation
Orhun Dirlik
Managing Director
[email protected]