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Alsina Group is an international company that manufactures, sales and rents formwork systems and concrete solutions. Based in Barcelona (Spain), it currently employs over 500 people and operates in 14 countries, with more than 30 delegations to provide and distribute its services and products used in hundreds of projects around the world. With over 60 years of experience, Alsina has become one of the world’s formwork leading companies.

Exporting Alsina’s systems has been one of the biggest keys to the expansion of the company in recent years: these are formwork systems and engineering services that have proven effective for over 40 years in Spain. Products like the Mecano concept system (an intuitive and productive slab formwork system that reduces significantly the cost of implementing all soil types) or the Alsipercha safety system are opening new markets with very good results in international projects.

The construction of the Mactaa desalinization plant in Algeria is a good example of the introduction of these new formwork systems in other countries. Alsina has recently finished the construction of this desalination plant near the city of Oran, which has a capacity of 550,000 cubic meters, being the world’s largest water service. The city of Oran is the main beneficiary of this plant with 360,000 m3, while the rest of the treated water volume supplies the populations of Mascara, Mostaganem and Relizane.

David Espadas Martorell responsible for Marketing in Alsina says that their products are available in African countries like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Cape Town.


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