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ALTO 4.0 develops state-of-the-art software solutions for the construction industry. Their solutions are developed in strong connection with industries professionals and on-site observations in factories and construction sites.

Their multi-industry digitalization experience allows them to quickly get on board with client, understand the needs and challenges, critically explore existing business processes, deploy an inter-disciplinary project team consisting of digital and industry professionals and deliver a solution that brings the expected benefits to the business.

Emphasizing on collaborating with their clients and uniqueness of products, Kārlis Zariņš (Head of Business Development, ALTO 4.0) states that, “ALTO 4.0 operates in software and consultancy business. Our focus is precast concrete, steel and aluminium facade factories willing to implement efficient workflows for their production management. We provide a unique set of skills and experience that combines digital and industry knowledge. Customers can benefit from our in-house development team for custom-functionality development and integration with production machinery. We are flexible to offer our services and communicate remotely.

Our software solutions are developed in collaboration with construction industry experts to address industry specific challenges. Alto 4.0 has developed an enterprise resource-planning system called Alto ERP. It is one of few factory management solutions globally that provides integration with Tekla Structures and is available as subscription service which allows small and medium size factories to use our services as well.

Alto ERP ensures centralized streamlining of the entire business cycle and significantly reduces the number of manual activities, thus enabling users to carry out projects with higher added value. The system is designed for manufacturers of precast concrete, aluminium facade and steel, as well as general contractors.

The integration and modularity options of the Alto ERP system will help construction companies to stay mobile and keep up with the times”.

ALTO 4.0 develops state-of-the-art software solutions for the construction industry:

  • Alto ERP – management software for precast concrete, steel and aluminium facade producers that improves workflows, lowers costs and builds long-term competitiveness.
  • Plug-ins for Tekla Structures – for engineering process automation and optimization
  • Custom development and machinery integrations for manufacturing plants

ALTO 4.0 is a digital expertise and solutions spin-off of a major industrial group. The company adds value to industrial businesses through process digitalization and have a strong track record of developing and implementing solutions that brings economic benefit.

Their solutions are developed, tested and continuously fine-tuned in direct collaboration with specialists from the industry – product owners, managers and end users.

ALTO 4.0 combines industry knowledge and modern technologies to offer meaningful software solutions for construction industry. They are open to cooperate with both large and small clients.


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