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Usually, scaffolding work has issues with assembly, many requiring many persons to assemble. Mobility issues are important in modern scaffolding to be used in construction works, and new innovations that make this more possible are coming up.

For 60 years now, Altrex has been a top brand which has been guaranteeing safety, quality and innovation in access equipment. Whether it involves ladders, folding ladders, stepladders, rolling towers, scaffold systems (such as suspended platforms and paint scaffolds) or complex suspended platform systems with custom-made solutions for special situations, Altrex solutions are versatile. Of course all products meet the requirements of the applicable standards and legislation. Altrex offers the access solutions for safely working at height.

One of the company’s latest innovations is the MiTower. This rolling tower that comes with component hangers can be set-up in just 10 minutes by one person! This scaffolding structure can also be transported like a trolley. In Africa, the company has sold units in Morocco, Nigeria, South Sudan, Djibouti and Tunisia, and has dealings to start off business in Angola.

Sander Jansen, the company’s Export Account Manager advises customers to not just look/decide on initial cost price, but to take a look at total cost of ownership (TCO). He adds, “In general products produced in Europe are more expensive than, for example, Chinese or local fabricated products. But if you look at TCO you will experience the quality products are less expensive on the long term. Good quality, long lifetime, less wears, higher safety, better service, no loss of hours because of failure, better training, etc. That’s what Altrex offers!!”

Altrex has the expertise and knowledge to ensure manufacturing of the products and its facilities are state-of-the-art and sophisticated ones. They also meet legal certifications from organizations such as the Cycle, EN, EN-ISO, among others. Altrex’s range of products includes the products suited for the heavier DIY construction, renovation, and maintenance work. Other products are suitable for home and garden use.
Although it has been providing products across the worlk, currently, Altrex is focusing on developing the African market. There is a huge potential in the emerging African market, but to be successful the right partners need to be found.

Sander Jansen,
Export Account Manager
[email protected]