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The name of ALUMIL has been associated with its high quality since its foundation. For 30 years they offer products that aim to improve people’s daily quality and standards of living as they endeavor to provide excellent products, and act according to the highest quality standards, applying the most demanding quality control procedures.

Their continuous research and development leads to offering unique solutions with many innovative features, which totally meet the needs of customers. So, you aren’t just installing windows and doors. You’re installing excellence.

Global presence

The course of ALUMIL is characterized by international growth and continuous investment. Gradually, over the 30-year company’s presence in the industry, subsidiaries are established in all 5 continents in over 20 countries.

A strong international sales network in over 60 countries worldwide, with 32 subsidiaries across the globe, in all continents, prove that ALUMIL is among the top suppliers of architectural aluminium systems, with products that meet the highest requirements and cover an impressively wide range of architectural needs.

The company designs and develops solutions on a global scale and provide products tailored to the local needs of each market. The accumulated experience of ALUMIL through its engagement in international markets leads to solutions that incorporate state-of-the-art technology and products that are one-of-a-kind.

The extensive network of their subsidiaries around the world, the large number of their privately owned factories and multiple distribution centers ensure efficient service internationally.


ALUMIL offers 65 different architectural aluminium systems for every application such as curtain walls, wall cladding systems, building materials, railings and fences, complementary systems for windows and doors, partitions, atriums, entrance door to name but a few.

Delivering large to small scale projects in time

For over 30 years, due to its international presence on any longitude and latitude on the earth and its accumulated knowledge, ALUMIL develops innovative and high-quality products. Their aluminium systems have great value even over time whether they are used in private homes or large-scale projects such as impressive hotel complexes and skyscrapers. From unique country homes to the Greek Islands, to Google’s headquarters in New York.

Google offices, New York
Reasons you why you should choose aluminium

There are more than enough choices in materials to use for windows and doors. But why does aluminium excel? First of all, aluminium is a metal with excellent mechanical properties, which revolutionized many technological sectors. Although much lighter than other metals, it has very high mechanical strength levels and that is why it is so broadly used in aeronautics, a very demanding field. Also, it is very resistant to many forms of corrosion and has almost zero maintenance cost.

It is a green material that can be recycled forever, preserving all of its characteristics without any quality degradation. The energy required to recycle it is only 5% of that consumed for its initial production, making it one of the greenest materials in the construction industry. In particular, the advantages of aluminum windows and doors are the following:

Mechanical properties

Αluminium frames are the solution that will provide you with very robust doors and windows and, therefore, increased security and long-term durability. In case of high temperature fluctuations, they do not warp in the long term, a fact that is very important in regions with a lot of sunshine and high temperatures during the summer. This is why they offer highly exact dimensions that remain unaltered and are not prone to expansions and contractions.

Thus, maximum tightness against air and water and a perfect fit between the frame and the window’s sash is achieved. Also, aluminium frames’ robustness allows for the creation of large spans for maximum natural light, with no danger of frames bending or twisting, as is often the case with other, weaker materials. Even in very thin profiles, a double sash aluminium door can bear more than 1000 kilos! Lastly, in case of fire, aluminium windows and doors don’t help it spread and in fact, they limit it. Aluminium, in contrast to other materials, absorbs and removes a large portion of the heat produced by fires.


Aluminium door and window frames offer very high levels of security due to their durable and solid construction, deterring possible intruders. As they are very robust, they work effectively with a large number of mechanisms & accessories, further bolstering your security. ALUMIL door and window frames are certified for their anti-burglar protection, in accordance to the international standard ‘RC – Resistance Classification’.


Aluminium door and window frames offer countless design choices, both as regards typologies and dimensions (e.g. Minimal design with very thin profiles, corner typologies, multiple door constructions), as well as surface treatment, with an enormous colour and texture palette available to meet every need and desire. No other material can offer so much design flexibility without limitations. Lastly, aluminium systems are not limited to windows and doors; they allow for the creation of a number of architectural constructions.

Thermal insulation

Progresses in technology and continuous research have led to the creation of aluminium frames with very high insulation. Aluminium frames enhanced with special insulation polyamides can offer high levels of thermal insulation suitable for passive buildings with zero or almost zero energy consumption.

In combination with high thermal insulation windowpanes, a thermally insulated aluminium window will shield your home from undesired temperatures from the external environment, both in winter and summer time. Lastly, aluminium’s high reflectivity (albedo) fends off solar radiation and decreases the heat absorbed by the frames during periods of intense sunshine, contributing to the preservation of the temperature on the home interior during the summer. In fact, this is also the reason why aluminium blinds are broadly used for façade shading.

Sound insulation

Sound insulation is also one of the main characteristics that should be taken into account when choosing door and window frames, especially for homes located in urban environments with high noise pollution. To that end, there are checks and certifications regarding sound insulation levels provided by windows and doors.

The high quality elastic sealant materials used by ALUMIL internally and on the perimeters of their systems, as well as the hermetic sealing of all its windows and doors when locked with no gaps left for sound to pass through, offer very high levels of sound insulation. Of course, similarly to thermal insulation, the most important factor in increasing sound insulation are the glass panels that will be installed into the windows or doors. For example, triple glazed windows offer incomparably higher sound insulation in relation to windows with a simple glass panel.