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“Antenucci Transformatori” has been manufacturing transformers since 1991. They are located in Brescia, Villagio Sereno in Italy. Their facilities include administrative offices, manufacturing, quality testing and painting departments and a warehouse.

They design, manufacture and distribute low voltage dry-type air cooled transformers and medium/high voltage oil or resin transformers for special purposes with technical features requested by their customers, still according to EEC directives 2002/95/CE-2004/108/CE-2006/95/CE and to CEI EN standards for insulation and safety transformers.

They use high technology, computerized calculation systems, skilled staff and an accurate manufacturing control thus assuring productive levels of high quality. Each individual piece they produce is accurately tested according to CEI EN standards.

The plants, the machinery and the manufacturing process they use are particularly flexible so as to allow them both the construction of large quantities as well as individual pieces. They can meet all productive requests and where possible, personalize the disposition of fixing holes.

Some of their products include:

·Insulation monophase transformers (E+I core from 20VA to 3000 VA). These are transformers with protective separation between the input and output windings. For general uses, they are designed to stand the declared rated power when operating continuously.

·Safety monophase transformers (E+I core from 20 VA to 3000 VA). Insulation transformers used to supply circuits whose working voltage does not exceed 50 V in alternating current.

·Column monophase transformers (U+I core from 3500 VA up). Transformers with a two-column core with windings connected either in series or parallel.

·Levelling monophase reactances Suitable for rectifications or other uses. The core we use is the E+I type with air gap. Manufactured on request, customers are required to specify both the inductance value in Henry and the rated current value.

·Three-phase transformers. Transformers which are intended for general uses, designed to stand the declared rated output while operating continuously.

·Three-phase auto-transformers. Similar to transformers in their construction, auto-transformers differ in the windings since there is no galvanic separation from the supply power

·Three-Phase Resin Distribution Transformers, with Maximum Voltage not above 36 kV Designed and manufactured according to: CEI 14-8 identical to HD 726 and to HD 464 S1, CEI 14-12 identical to HD 538.1 S1

Antennuci Transformatori have set their eyes on the African market and are currently looking for agents to help them tap this growing market.



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