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At Apex, they always look to the future to ensure that they are delivering service to the highest level through robust process, intelligent global marketing, leading edge technology and key industry partnerships.

Underlying all their efforts is their dedication to clients, realising that what they do really matters. It matters both to the level of customer satisfaction at the end of a project and to the bottom line return.

The Apex Group provides a comprehensive suite of services to support their investment into industrial business and to assist in the disposal of company assets. Technology and process are principal drivers to the success of these projects but it is people that are the foundation of all their achievements.

Apex has a wide range f services that suits every clients’ needs. These are:


Purchase surplus assets and inventory

Purchase going concerning businesses

Purchase order book and work in progress

Purchase outstanding trade debt, receivables


Provide a full range of valuation services

Asset Disposal

On-line Internet Auction

Private Treaty

Why use Apex?

Full Service Model

All projects undertaken by Apex are executed using proven procedures and process

Clients can utilise all or a selection of services

Operations are carried out to the highest health and safety standards

Industry Leading Technology

Detailed online dashboards enable sellers to fully analyse all details of their sale

Online real time sales platform utilising cutting edge software created by a dedicated in house team

Expert Marketing

Extensive database containing over 250,000 industrial buyers

Popular website with a following of over 100,000 visitors per month from 189 countries

1,000’s of items sold every month

Sales values in excess of £250,000,000

Full Suite of Financial Options



Outright Purchase


Anneke Le Roux