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Since 1997 Applied Innovative Technologies has globally distributed useful and unique lighting products that provide lasting performance. AIT is a Colorado company wholly owned by EcoCentricNow LLC. Many AIT products are engineered in the U.S.A. or result from collaborative engineering design with manufacturing partners.

LED flashlights, lanterns and warning lights from Applied Innovative Technologies (AIT) include NightStar and Shake Light 40 LED flashlights (capacitor and NiMH battery), Vortex and LightStorm rechargeable crank LED flashlight and lantern, Made in the USA solar LED flashlights and Solar Dome light, battery powered flashlights of various sizes and LED Warning Lights and LED Batons that replace chemical flares.

Principle markets AIT products support are recreation (camping, fishing, backpacking and hunting), emergency preparedness, education, locations where power grid electricity is inconsistent or non-existent, and communities interested in promoting renewable energy programs.

AIT flashlights are manufactured to provide years of worry free use and deliver peace of mind through product dependability. As LED technology continues to advance AIT’s mission is to stay at the forefront of this technology and continue to offer an increasing assortment of LED lighting products that positively impact the lives of people around the globe.

Applied Innovative Technologies welcomes the opportunity to partner with established distributors in Africa.


Applied Innovative Technologies

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