Apricus: the leading designer and manufacturer of solar hot water and hydronic heating products

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Founded in 2003, Apricus is a global company with offices in the USA, Australia, India and sales in more than 50 countries/regions. At Apricus, they provide simple and effective solutions of solar hot water system for families and businesses concerned about climate change.

For their main products, Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors, there is a comprehensive 15 year limited warranty, which you may see from the product overview attached. What’s more, to each project they offer global product liability insurance, and they can give users the service of Remote Online Solar System Live View if needed.

The Apricus solar hot water system is a high-quality, highly efficient way to generate hot water for your household or business. The Apricus system uses evacuated tube solar collectors to harness the sun’s energy, providing hot water, environmental benefits and keeping hot water bills to a minimum.

Apricus evacuated tube solar technology is becoming recognized as the most efficient choice for solar hot water systems.

This is thanks to the round tube design that allows heat to be captured for more hours of the day and with better efficiency than standard ‘flate-plate’ collectors.

Apricus has been operating in Africa and the company’s sole offering is solar hot water systems, which means, as William Xu, Marketing Manager says, that they are experts on the subject. The company’s systems utilize high-quality, high-performance evacuated tube collector technology to capture solar energy and convert it to hot water. They have done several projects in Kenya and Zimbabwe.

‘So we’ve got local partners to work on the eastern African market. Our main markets are in Australia, US and Europe. However Africa is playing an important role in the developing world, and we’ve done a few projects in Africa. Solar products are good choices for newly constructed buildings and factories, which provide sustainable energy and save a lot of electricity bills,” explains Xu.

Apricus pride themselves on providing the highest quality solar hot water systems, leading industry warranties, exceptional after sales service and all at competitive pricing. High strength and corrosion resistant aluminium mounting frame has been designed and engineered to meet 4 cyclone regions (wind speed up to 249km/h) and is ideal for regions where corrosion is an issue. ​The evacuated tube collectors are highly efficient lightweight and low maintenance. They can withstand hail and frost and the mounting frames are cyclone rated.

Their products have twin contoured copper header pipe, optimized for steam-back operation to prevent system overheating, patented anti-freezing design, passed TUV authoritative certification. They are patented design for efficient heat conduction and ultra-light and corrosion-resistant manifold design.

At Apricus they are strongly committed to providing simple and effective solutions for families and businesses concerned about climate change and rising energy costs. Their team has an excellent reputation in the solar thermal industry and they pride themselves on offering the best customer service available.

All of their products are produced with a strong emphasis on simplistic design and ease of installation while aiming to minimize the environmental impact of all products and operations. With a number of patented designs, Apricus invests strongly in product improvements and new developments based heavily on feedback from the diverse global customer base. Apricus has since grown into a global company with distribution and support offices worldwide.