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Aria srl was founded in 2008 and is today one of the leading Italian manufacturers of small wind turbines in the range of 20-60 kW.

Our best selling product  Libellula 50-55 kW is  patented, 100% Made in Italy and certified according to EN 61400-1. Many units of this turbine have been installed through the years proving to be robust and reliable. It is designed to achieve minimum cost per kWh of produced energy by means of industrial standard instead of custom components for all key electrical and mechanical parts.

Good quality and customer satisfaction are our main values. The Company is looking for partners interested in the distribution of small wind turbines in Africa. Aria identifies its target markets in all those areas and countries with a good wind resource where small wind turbines can be installed on grid, or off-grid in case of remote areas not connected to the electrical network.

Aria sells Libellula 50-55 kW, patented, 100% Made in Italy and certified according to EN 61400-1

All Aria’s turbines can be integrated into stand-alone systems with other renewable sources such as PV, mini-hydro and/or diesel generators as back-up source. They can give an important contribution in the field of rural electrification in order to supply villages, shopping centers, small to medium industries, touristic resorts, schools and hospitals.

Technical skills and expertise are key factors. For this reason, we are looking forward to supporting our partners in each phase of the project from site evaluation to commissioning.


Aria srl

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