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Arkitech Advanced Construction Technologies: the technology leading Light Gauge Steel (LGS) system provider for construction and manufacturer companies

Arkitech Advanced Construction Technologies (Arkitech) has long and thoroughly produced and serviced a wide range of modern equipment for construction using cold-formed steel technology. Arkitech is the largest Turkish manufacturer of a full line of machines for all types of CFS construction.

The firm is the technology leading Light Gauge Steel (LGS) system provider for construction and manufacturer companies intending to construct and manufacture with LGS structure. Arkitech Technology Package includes framers, design software, manufacturing software, commissioning, and training on-site and engineering solutions.

Arkitech Advanced Construction Technologies (Arkitech) has been developing light gauge steel framer machines and associated design and manufacturing software based on ten years of experience in light steel construction and continuous R&D activities. Our strong background in the light gauge steel sector enabled us to establish a very sophisticated and fully automated system to provide the most effective and reliable solution for structures made of cold-formed steel. Arkitech System guarantees low cost production with its highly accurate CAD design and manufacturing capabilities.

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of light steel processing, a comprehensive solution has been developed to ensure very accurate and reliable production processes. The Arkitech system guarantees lower costs than traditional construction methods, thanks to high-quality design capabilities, comprehensive material evaluation reports and low production costs.

“We provide A to Z solution for the investors on Light Gauge Steel Framing System (LGS). Design software, manufacturing software, framer and technical support. Besides having standard framers, we are capable of manufacturing customized framers upon the request of potential customers according to their projects, “explains Ahmet Kasra, Coordinator, and Engineering Services.

Their customers all over the world have been benefiting from the company’s fully integrated 3D Design Software, Panel Manufacturing Software and Mobile Computer Numerical Controlled machines without any trouble for many years. Arkitech develops its own design software (Arkitech Design & Detailing Software), manufacturing software (Arkitech Panel Software) and rollforming machines (Arkitech Framers) therefore the customers are able to receive all system components from the same place within a short period of time.

All mechanical parts of the Framers are manufactured to the highest quality at Arkitech factory, and external parts such as motor and electronics are integrated using the products of reputable European brands. Arkitech’s technical team provides support on design software and Framer machines.

The quick high-volume manufacturing of LGS frames accelerates the building construction timescale resulting in greater profitability. Arkitech’s technology is used worldwide for manufacturing a wide range of applications for residential, commercial, modular and multi-story buildings, as well as for bathroom pods, site offices, worker accommodation units, prefabricated modules, temporary units, warehouses, etc.

Arkitech is able to provide cost-effective and quick access to all foreign countries. The factory employs qualified staff engaged in production and customer support. After-sales service is carried out by technical support staff and technical specialists in the UK, Central Europe, Russia, India, Asia Pacific, Africa, South America and the USA.

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