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ATI Systems designs, manufactures and installs Mass Notification Systems at military bases, industrial facilities, campuses and communities worldwide.

ATI offers innovative and flexible wireless systems that provide audible and visual warnings using advanced technologies and reliable designs.  Our systems deliver exceptional voice intelligibility through a unique combination of advanced acoustic modelling and state-of-the-art product design.  ATI also offers the latest communication methods, including radio frequency, IP Ethernet, cellular, and satellite technology.

ATI Systems offers a complete system approach, providing acoustic analysis and modelling, in-house engineering, project management, and system design staff.

Our alerting equipment can be used indoors or outdoors, using multi-layered notification capabilities via audio, visual, telephone and network alerting.  The system and equipment are QA tested prior to being approvedfor installation by a qualified installer, which ATI supervises.

ATI provides start up and commissioning of the system,as well as training end users on how to use the system.  Long-term service and maintenance contracts are also provided.

ATI’s Emergency Alert Solutions that support building fire protection, range from indoor office ceiling speakers to fully-integrated, comprehensive facility-wide alerting through simultaneous telephone,email, internet, high-power speaker and other audio/visual notifications. Communication in high-noise environments is often achieved using both audio, visual, and other alerting mechanisms, though each environment often has a different set of notification demands that are addressed by our customized systems.

ATI works with emergency management personnel to design systems that provide proper acoustic coverage and alerting capabilities. Our engineers and consultants can help to implement a new system or upgrade your existing system, and make recommendations for improving sound coverage and system reliability.

ATI’s systems provide compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), American Disabilities Act (ADA) and NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code regulations and standards, helping companies to meet their goals in emergency response and employee safety.

In addition to Emergency Alert Solutions, ATI Systems also manufactures and installs Mass Notifications Systems.

Visit the ATI Systems website at to see a complete list of our system solutions and additional information about our products.


ATI Systems

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