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Autani Corporation is an independent Clean Tech Company that develops and manufactures products to automate energy efficiency. Autani develops and manufactures both software and hardware for their comprehensive building management solution with built-in energy management features for lighting, HVAC, plug loads, PCs, and destratification fans.

The company is known for their intuitive, easy-to-use energy management software and kiosk/ dashboard display. They provide energy management solutions and savings for retail, industry, government, education, commercial office, worship facilities, and other sectors.

Autani’s EnergyCenter family of products allows one to manage their systems and operations in a single wireless management platform; Easy to Install, Easy to Manage, and Easy to Own.

These products include:

Lighting Control and Management

Autani’s LightCenter Lighting Management System is a powerful tool for optimizing energy use by controlling the lighting for a workspace, floor, building, or campus based upon schedules, events, sensor inputs, and energy usage.

Plug Load and PC Management

PLUS software is a plug load and PC power management application for the Autani Manager appliance that features an easy to use web-based interface.

HVAC Control Management

Autani’s StatCenter HVAC Management System provides local or remote web-based access for coordinated management of thermostats and control of temperature based on schedule, occupancy, and events.

Metering and Verification

Autani’s MeterCenter Metering & Verification System is a powerful tool for measuring, reporting, and optimizing energy use.

Fan Control and Management

Autani’s FanCentre is a managed system of thermal destratification fans that reduces energy consumption by increasing the efficiency of HVAC systems.








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