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Avista® Technologies Inc. specializes in water treatment chemicals and expert process support for membrane separation systems including reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and microfiltration. The company also provide global support for membrane system diagnosis and troubleshooting. Avista’s antiscalants and cleaning chemicals are proving really popular in Africa.

Avista® Technologies Inc. products allow for significantly higher recoveries on reverse osmosis systems, particularly with waters with highly scaling tendencies. That means a lower waste from the plant, and greater use of the incoming water which is becoming an increasingly scarce resource.


Their tagline reflects the synergy of Avista products and services; the duality of being both a trusted supplier and full-service resource for expert application support. They take a thorough and systematic approach to determine how specific chemistry can maximize productivity in new systems or improve the performance and extend membrane life in existing systems. That focused approach never ignores the fact that customers need and demand the most cost effective solution so that is always the company’s goal too.

They key thing we find, particularly with antiscalants, is to look at the total cost of use. We see buyers choose the cheapest product, but they may need to dose more of the cheap material which results in a higher operating cost. They need to see past the cost per kilogram, and see what the total cost of producing a cubic meter of water is when using each product.


The use of waters with higher scaling tendencies has resulted in our development of antiscalants that are able to control increasing levels of dissolved salts. Additionally our research in to the calculation of the scale levels has allowed us to better predict what will precipitate in a water, and what levels of antiscalant are required to control the scale.

Their solution-oriented approach can keep clients’ system operating at peak performance. They understand the challenges posed by unique feed water sources, regulatory compliance and changing technology, and we’re here to help you meet those challenges.

Avista takes a customized approach to optimizing clients’ Reverse Osmosis system, using a combination of high-performance products, lab services and analytical tools.

Membranes in microfiltration/ultrafiltration (MMF) systems require more frequent cleaning than those in reverse osmosis (RO) systems. To mitigate cleaning costs, generic chemicals are commonly used. However when generic cleaners no longer restore a membrane’s performance, their impact on operational cost efficiency is lost. This led Avista® to develop AvistaClean®MF products, a line of more effective cleaners specifically designed to restore MMF membrane performance.

Avista provides membrane compatible coagulants and technical services to increase the efficiency of multimedia filtration (MMF) equipment.Colloids and silt fouling are major causes of performance loss in membrane systems, which is why many system designs include upstream MMF to target particle removal. In addition to MMF products, we also offer lab services, analytical tools, field services and chemical application recommendations to keep MMF equipment in top form.

The firm’s products and services flow into a variety of industries, including municipal water treatment, oil and gas production, food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing, energy generation, electronics fabrication, automotive production and mining operations.


Today, the company is globally recognized and trusted supplier in over 100 countries, helping their customers achieve their unique water treatment goals. Avista’s experts determine the most efficient blend of products and services needed to maximize productivity in each step of the treatment process.

The firm has built a reputation on their unrelenting commitment to understanding their customers’ needs and finding ways to help them achieve their quality, productivity, and economic goals in an environment that is constantly changing. Through dedication and forward thinking, Avista continues to develop products and processes that minimize operating costs and deliver high performance results.