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BADIN MAC comes through passions of three generations of experience and continuous improvement, in the field of block machines.

All the mechanical parts of their machines as well as the hydraulic and electrical systems are designed and constructed 100% in their own company within their 5,400 sq. m. workshop that has a wide and complete range of machine tools and highly specialized workers. The selection of raw materials and electrical components are amongst the best, the most reliable and the most innovative available in the market.

All the surfaces that are normally subject to wear are made of wear-resistant plate and those that are under stress from concentrated tension are in special alloy steel with a high yield stress. Machines and moulds are first tested and approved on their test benches to obtain the highest quality and safety certifications. All this translates into very low maintenance costs and long lives of over twenty years.

Inspired by their company philosophy they now market machinery that embodies maximum versatility with maximum endurance and standard of finish of the obtainable pieces (blocks, chimney stacks, kerbstones, self-locking paving stones, etc.). Its automatic egg-layer machine is historically considered by the professionals as the ‘Ferrari’ between the egg-layer machines. The products range expanded in the last years from semiautomatic to automatic, from egg-layer to stationary block machines, in order to meet the needs of more customers. A series of accessories designed for collecting and storing and a complete supply of dedicated moulds round out the Badin product range.

Also, BADINMAC has expanded its sales network in the world, including the African countries. Following requests from the region, Badinmac has developed a semi-automatic machine mod. SMART: high value with vibro-compression, quality 100% made in Italy, quality of components, ease of use and maintenance and reliability. SMART is the synthesis of quality with the practicality, actually the best safe choice for the African precaster.

Their products are found in African countries like Senegal, Libya, Egypt, and Morocco.


BADIN  Mac  s.r.l.

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