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Balore Furniture, started its activity and enterprise in 2009, in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone. They have produced 6000 apartment furniture, kitchen cabinet, cloakroom and 60000 interior panel doors in 2012. The company increased their capacity in the last quater of 2012 and moved to MimarSinan Industrial Zone and continuous its activity from there.


Their Product’s Technical Properties:



·Door wing is made of wooden frame artificial dried fir tree.

·Wing thickness is made as 42 mm grooved and 44 mm non-grooved.

·Kraft honeycomb is used as the filling material into the wing construction.

·Glass space and glass stick are mounted on the wing when necessary according to the purpose.

·Punched chip grating or massive wooden grating filling types are used inside the wing construction if wanted.

·Natural coating is applied on MDF panel on our coated doors.


·Frames are adhered onto the wall by polyurethane foam; mouldings are combined with the frame by foam. It can be demounted and recyclable.



·Body frame of our kitchen cabinets are produced from 18 mm double side melamine coated chipboard or MDF.

·8 mm melamine coated chipboard is mounted into the 8 mm canal inside the frame as back support.

·Our cabinet doors are preferably produced as high gloss door, laminate door and lacquer painted on MDF.

·Preferably 1 mm or 2 mm PVC edge band application is done on the cabinet doors.

·The material to be used on light bands and crowns are selected according to the order and suitable work is done on the doors.

·Measurement is taken on spot upon order and special production is made accordingly.

·Production is done after the products are selected from product catalogue of accessories.




Balore Furniture