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Bauformat based in Germany is a permanent fixture in the kitchen market because they surpass themselves on a daily basis.

They have the latest trends in fresh designs and the most innovative technology in premium materials. Functional, but it has to be handle less; modern, but timeless. Their demands grow with the demands of their customers and on a daily basis.

As family corporate, Bauformat and Burger Kitchens group have manufactured high-quality kitchen furniture, employing more than 750 people and manufacturing up to 500 kitchens per a day.

It is now more important than ever to consider sustainability in a day-to-day business and to offer sustainable products. Variety plays just as important a role as the quality and origin of the materials. With more than 200 different kitchen fronts, one thing is particularly important to them: the fact that they are “green” – no matter what colour and finish you decide on. As a future-orientated company group they take their responsibility towards the environment and society very seriously.

To provide an expert service to the premium sector of their bau-for-mat kitchens and the premium basic sector of their Burger kitchens, they spend a great deal of time researching trends and materials. Their long-standing experience enables them to meet their high standards in perfectly combining design and material at all times using minimal design vocabulary and creating designs without handles. The latest technology, exclusive finishes and precise work are absolutely essential to their customers and a matter of course for them.

As an international corporate, at bau-format / Burger, their representatives are always in the field in more than 30 different countries. One of their main goals is to provide on-site support for their retail partners whenever and wherever it is needed. And the joint success proves them right: With an export ratio of more than 38 %, they are successful on an international level.

They can be found in Europe (Germany, Netherlands, England, and Russia etc), Asia (China, India etc.), America (USA), Africa (Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Kenya etc.) and Australia.

They are also interested in well-established agents or distributors, professional and already knowing furniture business.


bau-for-mat Küchen GmbH & Co. KG

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1 thought on “Bauformat and Burger Kitchens”

  1. I have just had a Bauformat kitchen installed and I wouldn’t recommend ever buying a kitchen from this company. My kitchen arrived with doors that are not wide enough to cover the cabinets.

    The double cabinets produced by the factory are 90cm in width but the standard doors that they provide have been delivered at a width of 44.4cm each. This means that the doors together only cover 88.8cm of the width leaving them 12mm (nearly 1/2 an inch) short.

    Most manufacturers aim for a 3mm vertical gap (1/8th to 1/16th of an inch) between doors which would be 3mm in the middle and 1.5mm at either end so giving a total double door width of 90-0.6 = 89.4cm.

    This size of gap is easily achievable given that the hinges that Bauformat uses, allow almost no impingement on the spaces to the sides of the doors, so they can open when the next door is adjacent less than 0.5mm.

    So I now have massive gaps between the doors, and I can see the cabinet fronts underneath from a good distance. The company is insisting that the gaps are standard but as the hinges work in the way they do then the gaps they have created are unnecessary from a functional point of view, and the kitchen looks terrible because of it. The only person who benefits from such large gaps as I can see it would be the manufacturer who would save on door material costs. It makes me wonder if the company is struggling with solvency if they have to compromise the quality of their product so much.

    I was passed the details of the technical contact for the company however they have not bothered to respond which further demonstrates their disdain for the customer.

    I warn own your peril…

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