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Beardsell Ltd was incorporated in 1936. They are leading international Company in the business of prefabricated building construction, clean room erection, cold storages, packing and insulation products. They currently have 7 manufacturing units across India and branches in all the major cities including multi-disciplinary teams consisting of experienced professional managers, project engineers, production technologists and R&D personnel at its various branches. They are one of the largest manufacturers of Prefabricated and Modular Building materials catering for various segments of fast-track building construction in India. Their Prefab and modular buildings are created in sections or modules within a factory and then assembled on site.  These are constructed using assembly line methods that make use of a set of basic blueprints, and once transported to the building site, they can be installed with the use of simple hand and light equipments.

Isobuild are Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) with core materials of Polystyrene, Polyurethane or Rockwool etc. laminated with high galvanized Pre-coated Steel in continuous line of production system capable to produce more than 20000 Sq.ft of panels per day. They are light weight material of almost 10-12kg/m2, and are characterized to be highly resistance to earthquake and other natural calamities, besides being energy efficient, almost nil maintenance, fire retardant. Their Isobuild Products are already used in African countries like Botswana, Ethiopia, and Sudan among others. They are currently looking for good and reliable agents who have network in all African Countries, particularly in exploring government projects.​

Quikbuild are Structural Concrete Insulated Panels (SCIP) consists of a 3 Dimensional welded steel wire mesh provided with a polystyrene insulation core.  They are used in conjunction with layers of concrete or mortar on both sides to create a strong, long lasting, eco friendly, concrete building element.

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They manufacture two basic products for Prefab Building segment which are; Isobuild and Quikbuild.

Mr. P. Narendran, General Manager say their products are one of the best building materials in Prefab and modular building segment, for they are hugely benefitted by cost, faster delivery/construction, but strong and long lasting, resistant to natural calamities like cyclone, earthquake etc.​ They were recently, involved in a government project to distribute drinking water to rural people where huge no. of Prefab buildings were required to house these water purification and distribution centers in Karnataka state in India.

Narendran further comments on the emerging trends concerning the product that, most of the African countries are developing or under-developed nations and needs huge infrastructure development in the course of emerging these nations as strong developed countries and for this for this reason they strongly believe that, their building products will become very handy.  However, the world is turning to green building construction concept  to save the nature by optimizing energy efficiency,  using less water, conserve natural resources, generate less wastage and provide healthier space for occupants as compared to conventional buildings.

Beardsell Ltd
P. Narendran
General Manager
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