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BeautyWalls – Leading Manufacturer of 3d Decorative Gypsum Panels

BeautyWalls is a European company manufacturing in the Ukraine.

They have been operational since 2009.

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They specialize in the design and production of decorative finishing materials such as 3D Plaster Panels.

They offer a collection of decorative 3D wall panels for commercial, residential and public spaces.
This encompasses shopping malls, shops, hotels, offices, houses, cinemas, restaurants, airport lounge, and many more.

Each 3D panel is carefully checked by their supervisors and packaged in special branded packaging.

This provides reliable protection against impact during transportation.

When it comes to manufacturing of the decorative 3d panels, they only use high-quality polyurethane matrices, designed for mass production.

All panel designs are exclusive, patented and copyrighted.
This means that the buyer has the opportunity to purchase a unique high quality product.

Their panels have been tested for fire safety and environmental friendliness guaranteeing their use in private, commercial and public spaces.

“Light Gypsum” is the innovative technology that produces their panels.

Their panels are 30-40% lighter and stronger, resulting in cheaper transportation  and operation with added reliability plus additional soundproofing and heat-insulating properties.

Gypsum is an ecologically natural material that self-regulates the humidity in the room.

Gypsum panels absorb excessive humidity, but if lacking it, they give it back.

Thus, the walls “breathe in & out”, maintaining the optimal micro-climate in the room, which is beneficial to health.


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