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Bej Ceramic is a wall and flooring Ceramic tile manufacturer based in Gujarat. They have India’s largest and most creative range of 16 x 16 Ceramic floor tiles. They have wide spread network of Dealers and Retailers spread across length and breadth of country.

Creativity, Quality and Reliability are Core Values which sets apart Bej Ceramic from Competition. They ensure their clients of smartest decision. They are passionately working to provide their customers with quality flooring solution for their dream space. They have exported their products in Nigeria and Uganda via merchant exporters. They are currently pursuing African agents/distributors for business opportunities in export market.
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Prashant Patel, Business partner advices potential buyer to consider their products as they promise to provide better quality product at competitive price. Buyer can be assured of Trustworthiness from outside since they value Long term business relations more than Profit.

Patel also commented on the emerging trends regarding the flooring products that, Ceramic tiles as a category has gone through tremendous transformation after introduction of Digital Printing Technology. In present days, consumers are no longer looking for Cleanliness & Hygiene as an only benefit of installing Ceramic tiles. They want better designs, unique concepts, bigger sizes, etc.   They are looking forward to participate in Build Expo-Kenya and Build Expo-Tanzania.


Bej Ceramic Pvt Ltd

Prashant Patel

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