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Betec Licht AG are a German company that has been specializing in the production of exclusive lighting fixtures for the past 35 years. Their first product was the picture light “Clarus”, awarded with an “art protection” and allows the optimum illumination of the framed drawing to the pompous paintings. Betec lamps are manufactured and convincing light culture crafted from the highest quality materials.

The Clarus painting light was developed in 1978 by Horst Lettenmayer for “the Paintings House” in Munich. In its extremely minimal design, the light output should only serve its original purpose. The continuous light band of this light is protected by an international patent regarding the contiguous sequence of individual light bulbs set in a light chain.

The result is a warm curtain of light that covers valuable paintings while leaving the art to shine through it. Currently, the lamp is manually produced as originally designed, except that the bulb has fallen victim of the EU energy efficiency regulations. In the meantime, this lamp has become an art object itself. Indeed, it was awarded the art protection in 1987 by the OLG in Munich. The new bulb is a tightly-packed light band of warm white LED‘s set and sealed in an acrylic tube. The advantage is that it consumes only 15 percent of the electricity consumed by normal bulbs without any warming of the illuminated painting or object. The LED‘s have a long-living up to 50.000 hours.

The unique features in Betec Licht AG products that makes them suitable to Africa’s environment is that they are energy saving and of high quality.


Betec Licht AG

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