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BINOLOGY are the developers and producers of smart urban solutions for efficient and sustainable waste management.

Their aim is to replace outdated waste collection technologies with smart city solutions.


Their smart waste solutions include:-

  • Solar paneled street containers
  • Separate waste collection stations
  • Street IoT trash container sensors
  • Automated management and monitoring software


They provide a complete waste management solution line for cities.

Their smart-city model range allows real time monitoring, fill-level measurement, waste compaction, dynamic routing and collection task management.

Furthermore, built-in sensors in their smart trash cans provide data on air quality, pressure, temperature and humidity.

This enables municipalities real-time monitoring of the environment at the installation sites.

Up to 80% collection frequency reductions has resulted in decreasing traffic congestion and CO2 emissions.

Their smart-city cloud software and mobile app support attribution of the collected waste by type for further recycling, synergizing in the innovative waste collection system.