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Blendwell Chemicals was started in 1990 as an industrial cleaning chemical manufacturer. For the past 20 years, the company has supplied resellers as well as cleaning chemical wholesalers and contract cleaners with quality cleaning chemicals. Since its establishment the company has constantly adapted and improved cleaning chemicals to meet market demands. This means that there are regularly new cleaning products added to their range. Their range of cleaning chemicals includes industrial chemicals, laundry washing chemicals, home and office cleaning products, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, all types of floor cleaning chemicals, food industry cleaning products, car cleaning products, disinfectants as well as cleaning accessories.

They have positioned themselves as a wholesaler in the market. They offer own label cleaning chemicals as well as doing contract manufacturing for a wide variety of clients. They are able to manufacture both liquid and powder cleaning chemicals as well as pressing of deoblocks. they are as well able to formulate and manufacture specific products for their customers as well as manufacture cleaning chemicals using their formulations.

Their traditional floor cleaning product range include; Buffable floor coating, Chlorinated floor powder, Clean mop, Conclean, Floor powder, Floor scrub, Sanclean, Stripper, Stripper NA, Sureshine 14, Sureshine 20, Yellow Floor powder and WAC GP Cleaner.

Their products are available in Botswana and Namibia. Currently, they are actively looking for agents or distributors for their products and would welcome enquiries.

Mike Rees, Business Development Manager advices potential buyers to deal with reputable companies that will take their needs into consideration. Rees also commented on the emerging trend regarding the product market that, “there is a move towards eco friendly products and services”

They recently won the Eco-logic Award for their concentrate project. They have a miniaturized mixing plant which enables small operators to manufacture a range of products. All the hazards of manufacturing chemicals are removed and the process simply involves adding water at source instead of transporting it. The end user also can control the colour and the fragrance. The company is also a member of the NCCA and is represented there.


Blendwell Chemicals (Pty) Ltd

Mike Rees

Business Development Manager

[email protected]