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Bold Communications Company has been developing alarm communications and security management systems for the alarm central station and ARC market for over 30 years and is a recognized leader in providing solutions for every type of alarm monitoring with its Gemini management software.

Bold Communications develops and supplies Gemini for monitoring fire and intruder alarms, events, CCTV, lone worker, asset tracking and other security systems on a single, easy to use and highly featured software platform.

Gemini handles  existing installed legacy alarm and CCTV equipment as well as accommodating new technology, such as video analytics, multi-path IP and wireless alarm signaling, access control reporting and workflow task processing.

Gemini workstation is based on the Microsoft and it is usually simple, easy to use and ‘Fluent User’ interfaces.  It has additional operators, software interfaces and modules that can easily be added when required.  Gemini workstation has features like pre-alarm event video, interactive graphics, audio management and workflow processing and occasionally the operator has everything needed, on a single screen if preferred, for easily and effectively handling alarms and events.

The Bold Gemini monitoring solution is widely used within commercial control rooms and well as for Police, government, retail, banking, education and health.  Bold is the leading supplier of monitoring software in the UK, with customers also in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

One of Bold’s customers, Kenya Risk, uses a Gemini system to respond and mobile security service on alarm activations from site.

Kenya Risk’s Chief Executive Officer, Niklas B Rogers while recommending the Gemini system technology used by Bold communications said that Bold provides a very comprehensive monitoring solution which closely matched our requirements and handle the whole project with great speed and efficiency.

“The Gemini system does exactly what we need at the moment but importantly it also offers the capability to expand our range of security monitoring services in the future.  Our operators are very positive about using the software which is well thought out and easy to use.”




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