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Bolefloor b.v is the world’s first manufactured hardwood flooring with naturally curved lengths that follow a tree’s growth. Bolefloor proves that sustainable manufacturing can produce high-end quality and be a trendsetter in flooring and home décor.

With its unique technology, Bolefloor makes natural curved-length flooring and surfaces available at the price of today’s fine wood flooring. Boleform provides soft lined surface for interior and exterior design and is highly desired by architects and furniture designers.

Bolefloors are suitable for both – private residences and public spaces, also outdoor surfaces such as terraces. Examples of Bolefloors can be found in United Nations meeting room, Rabobank office in the Netherlands, Apple stores in Europe, skichalets in Zermatt, penthouses in Stuttgart and in numerous hospitality and retail premises.

Curv8 and Bolefloor are products of Boleform B.V., Amsterdam, with European ISO 9001:2008, FSC and CE certified manufacturing based in Estonia.

In 2011 Bolefloor’s breakthrough technology made live edge flooring available at the price of fine wood flooring. Today, Bolefloor introduces Curv8, modular natural curved-length flooring for DIY channel. Thanks to their new Nature’s Fit™ technology, they have preserved the 8 forms most true to the way they grew in nature. These eight patterns are derived from Bolefloor’s scan data from more than 100,000 trees. For every Curv8 floor, natural edged raw boards are selected to fit one of these eight forms.

Curv8 is currently available in 12mm engineered parquet made of 3,2mm natural German oak on top of 9mm high quality Finnish plywood. Finishing options are unfinished, and natural, light, grey, brown oil wax.

Rain Eisler the CEO of Bolefloor says that their products are available in Egypt, Morocco and South Africa.


Bolefloor B.V

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