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Annica and Marie are the third generation of Eklund family entrepreneurs. Since 2003, when they took over the Bolon Company from their parents Lars and Monica, they have been on a mission – to make Bolon a design-led innovator and fuse the conservative, traditional flooring branch with the boundless creativity of the world of fashion.

That the company has succeeded is satisfying. That in doing so, it has collaborated with world-renowned designers and architects as well as working with international brands. However, pride is one thing and complacency is another – and standing still has never been an option at Bolon.

With every new collection, Bolon’s passion and commitment to break down the traditional barriers in the industry remains unwavering. For the company, floors are much more than something to walk on. They are a palette of unlimited possibilities, a gorgeous blend of rock n’ roll, design, fashion and architecture.

The company offers a wide collection of floors in different colors and patterns. Experts in Bolon have carried out projects for hotels, retail, health centers, education institutions and other places.

Bolon has a holistic approach to their environmental responsibilities and a journey of innovation through a four-stage production process – a journey that starts long before flooring is produced and long after it has fulfilled its intended purpose.

At Bolon, only the highest quality raw materials available are used sourced from approved suppliers. From these suppliers, the material passes through refinement plants less than 250 kilometers from the Bolon production facility, further reducing the company’s environmental footprint.

According to experts in the company, there will be even more focus on the environment and the lifecycle of all products. To make a “green” choice is probably where all buying process will start in the future. Since Bolon has its own production facilities it will be very flexible and drive the company’s development with this focus. At the same time the company foresees an increasing interest in custom-made products.



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